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“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but ourselves.”

– Shakespeare

Is destiny God? Hath He relinquished His choice to its grasp? Surely destiny bares no rule over the Almighty, neither does plan above attribute.

You are the flaw with fate. For within each movement your hands make, reacts a sequence to follow undetermined by any but you. God’s choice is that you would have choice. Our choice is whether we will allow Him choice. With such, fate’s hands are bound and his eyes blinded. The stars line up in order, and the powers that govern the universe never falter, but man is the variable that removes fate, as we would have it.

Easier explained are failures, if they are simply fate in action through our hands. But if it is as it is, and man can choose to give life or take it, we are without excuse for our failure. I fail because I am flawed, but I fail each time because I choose to allow the flaw to rule. If I would rather allow the God, who gave me the choice, to rule, He would not have failure. Do not blame “It’s just the way I am” for your vile self. You are what you choose to be. Your God be whom you choose, your destiny be with whom you choose.

Have you ever wondered what your destiny is? We ponder the destination so little, thus excusing the moment. But step for a moment outside of your temporary estate, scan the years and picture the destination for the end of your life. Perhaps seated comfortably in your chair, you will slump over in death. Maybe it will come in peaceful sleep, or maybe to a screeching halt. Perhaps at the hand of another, or perhaps in the hand of God, we all find, somewhere in the distant ages of time, our destination for departure.

So what is your destiny? There are only two final destinations, but destiny is more than the destination, it’s also the journey. We want to know more than just the resting place; we want to know what path it will take. Or do we?

Do you want to know the heartaches that will touch your time on earth? How we would cringe the day before, as we expect a coming trial. We would grow unthankful, knowing tomorrow holds rest and peace. How would you deal with knowing that your days were numbered if you knew the number. What a different day tomorrow would be for you if you thought, rather, if you knew that it was going to be your last. Knowing the destiny for each day, and even for life, the “horoscope” would be properly spelled “horror scope” and we would lack what most defines us as human beings, our dependence.

Who holds your destiny? The defining of your destiny is in the answer to that question. Will you hold it; or will you let it go? Must you be God; or will you allow Him to be? The reality is, no person knows a destiny. Yet each decides to hold on to their destiny, or hand it to some equally inadequate person, for fear of allowing God His place in sustaining it. The one who works good deeds to earn heaven or acceptance with God, neither knows what is good, or whether those works are acceptable. Your only hope is to allow the only one who is “good” to hold your destiny in His hand.

The key to the right destination is in the steering of the destiny. For you to choose your own path is like a captain of a vessel, venturing forth out to the ocean, assuming where he is going, blindfolding himself, punching the throttle, releasing his hand from the helm and comforting those aboard that he has everything under control. Liar. You don’t know where you’re going, nor do you have any idea how you’re going to get there. Therefore, if you seek a desirable destination, trust the Lord with your destiny. He alone is capable to guide you and sustain you safely to shore.

There are two destinations to choose from. Lost forever adrift in the open empty solitude of destiny in your own hands. (Thus, hell is never reaching shore, and no hope in sight, forever.) Or, you can let go of the helm, allow God His place in control of your destination, and taste the sweet destiny He has in store for you. Jesus Christ is the way to shore. Stop aimlessly wasting your destiny, too proud to give Him His place at the helm. “No thanks. I’ll be fine on my own.” You will wander aimlessly in the endless sea forever, parched with thirst, scorched without shade, and not so fine on your own. Stop wasting all this life on aimlessly trying to find shore. Let God have your destiny. Rest in His power to bring you to His destination.

So today, choose your destiny.

First, realize nobody’s perfect. You and I, and everyone else have come short of the perfection of God, in that we are all sinners.

Next, understand that without God interrupting your current destiny, you will spend forever aimlessly wandering the abyss of Hell, without hope of escape.

But God, who is beyond good, took our place in death, paid our debt and hell, and has GIVEN us free forgiveness and even offered us a destiny with Him in heaven forever. That’s why Jesus died on that cross, though sinless and the Son of God. He died to pay our debt to justice. He was crucified, buried, and three days later rose from the grave to give a taste and example of our destiny beyond death.

Finally, ask Jesus Christ for that payment to be applied to you. Ask Him for that destiny in His presence forever, and someday He will lead you safely to your new destination; your home in heaven.

Why not ask Christ to be your saviour right now? Why not this moment fix your destiny forever, and rob fate of opportunity to rob you of eternity. Don’t wait, for we have no guarantee of tomorrow or even another breath. Your destiny is in your hands while you live. Will you trust Christ with it?

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him. For who is God save the LORD? or who is a rock save our God? It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect. – Ps 18:30-32

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. – Rom 8:28


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