Monday, November 30, 2009

Beanie Babies Galore!

Friday night, I came home from dropping my girls off at a birthday party and bringing back Elijah’s BFF to find my door sitting wide open. I figured that Scott was bringing the tree in and getting it set up, but as I got closer, I realized that our neighbour was standing just inside our door. The tree was still sitting on the porch… but she was holding two clear plastic bags full of beanie babies. This sweet lady has teenage sons, and has brought us all sorts of things this past year- baseball gloves, basketball and hockey jerseys, race tracks and cars. I told her how excited the girls would be, and thanked her on my way in. As I went inside, I saw two more huge bags full of beanie babies already in the living room! She GAVE my kids over 100 beanie babies, in mint condition! (other than the two snakes which her boys must have actually played with! :) 

DSC_0505 When I asked Keona why it looks like her eye is swollen here- she said she was trying to make the same face as the tiger… strange little girl…


Tags intact, with plastic protectors…


I kept it a secret from the girls until Saturday morning. When I dumped the bags out on the table, they each quickly chose their favourites, and to my surprise- there were no fights!



Keona took all the cats and dogs.

Charity took all the bears.

Eve took all 3 pigs, along with the hippos and bull.

Ella claimed the Dalmatian.

The boys, took all snakes, other reptiles, amphibians and dinosaurs.

Prayer… took all the leftovers.


What a huge blessing that was for my kids!


I told Keona that she owes Aunty Sarah quite a few beanie babies… When she was about Ella’s age, while she was napping in her Auntie’s room – she decided to pull down all of Sarah’s beanie babies, and rip off each and every tag. This was back when people were collecting them, and they were worth money… Oops!


So a huge ‘thank you’ to our very thoughtful neighbour!





Check out my photo shoot from Saturday, of a beautiful baby girl!




  1. That's so nice of your neighbour! And to the story about Keona ripping the tags off, I remember Sarah coming to church and telling me all about that, lol.

  2. wow, what a fun surprise! it's always a blessing to share with those that can meet the gift with enthusiasm-- something your kids never seem to lack!

  3. WOW!!! What a great neighbor! And how fun ... great pics you captured!

  4. What a terrific blessing and how special that there was MORE than enough for all 7 !!!

  5. I still need your recipe for funnel cakes. I started to write a silly song last week called "An Ode to Funnel Cakes and Beaver Tails" for my preschool music classes. Anyway, you are featured anonymously in the song. If and when I finish it, I will have to call you and sing it for you over the phone. Love ya!



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