Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad Mom…

I certainly did not entertain my son being a little daredevil today…


I hate it when he leaps down an entire flight of stairs, like he is Spiderman or something…

Though, I know where he gets it from- as I nearly got crushed the other morning when Scott decided to jump down the stairs, over me, while I was bent down and NOT looking, and didn’t know NOT to stand up as he was  flying over my head…


Such a boy….


Quite proud of himself too…


Speaking of proud… Elijah now refuses to let his sisters help him- with anything! He would rather sit at the piano for an hour trying to figure out a note, than let one of his sisters show him. AND if they dare get it out, before he yells at them to go away- well, he will sit there and play the song wrong, over and over again, just so as not to do what they say.

Once again, kinda reminds me of when Scott wanted to learn piano a few years back… it lasted a whole 5 minutes. Or… until I tried to correct him about something. ;)


As I came in the door with Elijah, while Jed was supposed to be napping- he was instead, standing there whining about how he wanted to go outside and jump off the table too!


I don’t know what I’m going to do when these boys get older. They already wrestle all day long. The other night, they just took turns knocking eachother over, and beating one another with a plastic ruler…


Until Jed got hurt, and Mom yelled, “That’s enough! You’re going to poke someone’s eye out with that thing!”  Seriously, it’s not just a saying… I know a child who is blind in one eye from play fighting with his dad big brother, and he accidentally got hit in the eye…


Anyways, after completely flopping dinner… which I haven’t done in a very long time thank you very much- but for some reason my first attempt at deep fried chicken went horribly wrong, and we had pancakes for supper. Yep, pancakes. The kids were happy…



  1. i am much better at making pancakes than fried chicken.

    and jumping? well, that's just what boys do! although i would seriously have to have a conniption if david tried to jump OVER ME. yikes!

  2. Wow - you have 3 monkees in your home... big, bigger and biggest! Elijah is getting so big in his antics and what he will try! and I wonder where he gets his stubbornness from?


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