Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Love Autumn


My kids spent almost an hour raking leaves up into a huge pile, so that they could jump in it…

jumping in leaves

Uncle Robbie joined in the fun. Love that picture of him! :)

Then, they threw them at eachother for another half an hour, and buried Prayer. She was almost jumped on several times…

throwing leaves

We got our pictures done for our Christmas card- which I am incredibly excited about!!! I only have one with Scott left to do. Which may be more of a fight than the one I did with Ella…. :P

He wants me to photoshop on a goatee for his picture. Not sure I can do that… We shall see! haha…

I’m SO looking forward to the holiday season. Christmas carols, candles, staying nice and toasty under a blanket, eggnog and hot chocolate…. Mmmmm!

But for now, we’re enjoying the windy fall days.Rob 

OH! I forgot to mention, our photo was chosen as a finalist in the “Silly Kids” contest. Vote for our photo HERE!

Please and thank you! :D



  1. The kids in our family are so beautiful! xoxo

  2. beautiful captures!!! love your blog :)


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