Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I baked, and baked, and baked on Friday.

macaroons cinnabons cookies1 cookies2

What you don’t see here- are the picture’s of Nana’s famous coconut cream pie, and Aunty Sarah’s cupcakes!


the loaf bread Keona made that came out looking like this…


After much investigation, we discovered that all the little “speckles” were from Jed adding a tea bag to the ingredients. Yep, a whole tea BAG…

Then, I took the kids to soccer, and beat my little brother at 21. Which I had forgotten how to play. Probably… because I haven’t played it in, oh… 8 years! But he did beat me in the races. My legs are still sore from them today…

Saturday, we had family over for dinner. Including the newest addition…


I could have eaten him up for dessert! Instead I shared my bread with him.

While I was cooking dinner, Prayer asked, “What does a squash look like inside?”

To which Charity replied, “It looks all squashy!”

That was helpful.

Papa played outside with the kids…

DSC_0971  DSC_0968 DSC_0960

While all the younger guys were sitting inside…

DSC_0978…playing Wii Mario Kart.

Elijah gave flowers to the girls…

DSC_0931 DSC_0930 

All the while, trying to pull his head into his sweater like a turtle, because he was, “Cooooooooooold!”


Ella enjoyed all the attention, and got over her fear of Adam.

Nadine played some baseball…


…and took pictures…


That’s more like it!


I am definitely thankful for my family this Thanksgiving.

Even the ones I didn’t get pictures of!


(We did a family photoshoot yesterday- keep an eye out for those pictures! :)


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  1. Such precious memories! What a FUN day! I want to spend Thanksgiving at your house!


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