Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smattering on…

I had the girls help me plan our Thanksgiving dinner menu today, and let me just say- we I will be doing a whole lot of baking this week!

Chocolate chip/coconut cookies, cheesecake, cinnabons, pumpkin pie, Nana’s coconut cream pie, along with Sarah’s cupcakes! Mmmm….

(imagine some mouth-watering food pictures here)

And then we have our main course, in which each of the kids requested something specific. Prayer wanted broccoli soup and squash, Charity wanted stuffing, Eve wanted spinach/strawberry salad, Keona wanted carrots cooked with brown sugar, Jeddy wanted peas and corn, and Elijah… he just wanted “bread.” He already has plans to sit and relax on the couch while all the girls clean up from dinner too… Scott finds this hilarious.

Speaking of Scott… he was in one of his super-hyper moods on Sunday night after church, and seriously, for like an hour, typed random sentences into an online translator and read them to me in Portuguese… Things like, “She punched me in the throat.” …

I don’t know what else to say. When we both get hyper- we smatter on about nothingness, and debate random topics just for fun.

“Smatter”- that was my word of the day on my igoogle, I had to fit it into this post somehow. Even if it did mean embarrassing my hubby… ;)

Now for a little reality check. Remember this picture of Ella from last week?

final ella bw_il

Well, this is how she really looked for about 4 minutes and 59 seconds out of the 5 minutes I had her lying there…


That’s more like it.

And here’s what happens when her little attitude decides to ignore Mommy, and not only climb up the stairs, but try to WALK back down them…


My poor child. And we were supposed to do family pictures on Monday…



  1. Aw! Poor Ella! Hopefully she learns, huh? :-) Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!! :-D

  2. Your poor baby - thankfully her eye was kept safe!

  3. awww poor baby!!! that is such a huge fear of mine,someone falling down the stairs.

  4. Awww... poor thing! And poor you!

    My Christian fell once and got a DOUBLE black eye. One of which he couldn't open at all for over a week. Yikes.

  5. Aw... :(

    Yeah, it looks bad. Really, she only fell off the bottom step- but she hit her face on the trunk by the front door....

  6. "smattering" a bristish term.
    Bad trunk..poor Ella


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