Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Post that Everyone Needs…

I met a dear lady named Marsha online a few weeks ago. As I was  reading her blog late one night, I came across this post. Let me just say, this woman inspires me. Her faith, outlook, and selflessness while going through a mother’s worst nightmare, puts me to shame. And yet, it encourages me, and reminds me of how amazing God’s grace is. How real He is. How present He is in our time of need.

Everyone should read this post.

Be inspired, be reminded, be encouraged, and be thankful.  

Mowing and Memories

By Marsha


  1. Thanks Jaclyn for the link - I balled but it was encouraging too!

  2. Nana Said... Yes Jac me too, I balled that is. What an encouraging lady.

  3. Thanks for reading. And sharing. :) I'm humbled.

    I wish everyone could be blessed like I have been this past year. Truly. God is so faithful and good to me!


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