Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Room for Mom

When your dinner table looks like this…


Just kidding… of course. Though today, we had my 7 kids, Nicole, and Robbie at our house. And it was definitely- a very full table! :)

I took the kids out to the park today, in hopes of getting a good picture of my kids, with my little…

rob and keona2

…or not so little… brother.


all the kids2

Though it could have been a better photo… atleast all of them are looking! No one is sticking their tongue out, or picking their nose- so that’s a bonus!

Ella wore pig-tails for the first time…


But she still refuses to look directly at the camera.

Unless, I’m jumping up and down, while shaking my keys, and yelling,

“BOO! What’s this Ella?! Kids! Keep looking here! Ellie, Ellie!! Where’s Mommy!? Say cheese! Where’s the camera!? KIDS! Look here! Ella!….” 

And so on… that’s how I got this…

all the kids2Otherwise….


She runs away.



Purposely diverts her eyes…

I had a little bit more luck with the boys. When I say “little bit” that may even be a slight exaggeration.

boysJed is watching Max play in the sand…

The girls cooperate better, as long as I’m quick.

No longer then 30 seconds, or their faces start to look like Charity’s does here…

triplets  Not grumpy, just slightly perturbed…

Ah well…

Can you believe how big these two are??? rob and keona

Because this….


Feels like just yesterday…



  1. Thanks Jaclyn, I love the pics - can you email me the photos - like before when you get a chance!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog and looking at the pictures! You're so gifted! Great family pic!

  3. Your family just blows me away....every time single time. They are just beyond Beautiful. Great pictures!

  4. Nana Said...Wow beautiful pictures Jackie. They grow so fast. That pic of Keona and Robert sitting in the window....wow!!!

  5. what a fun post! i love the "yesterday" shot and isn't that the truth! beautiful family!

  6. Your children are so stunningly beautiful! Oh my goodness. Wow. And your 'little' brother is just as cute as he can be! What wonderful pictures.

  7. ROFL Ellie!

    I have never done that to get the attention of my children. At least not this year.

    I love your pics. They always inspire me!


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