Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love a Good Deal

…and 50% off your entire purchase at Payless- is a pretty good deal! Especially when you have 7 kids, and 5 of them need new boots. :)


The sale is still on today, so if you don’t have your coupon yet- go here to print one! Just don’t tell Prayer that I told you… Yesterday, I put the link on my facebook status, and Prayer said,

“Don’t tell everyone on Facebook about the sale! Everyone is going to go there and buy all the good boots before us!”

So I said…. “First of all, not everyone on facebook can see my status- only my friends. And secondly, I’m not as selfish as you- to want to keep this good deal to myself!”

So she said… “I’m not selfish. I just think that we should go get our boots first. THEN you can tell them!”


A girl after my own heart… haha. I can remember being her age, and hiding books in the bookmobile so that they’d still be there when I came back with my money. Does anyone else remember bookmobiles!? They were the coolest thing…. Ahem, I totally wouldn’t do that anymore. Not like the crazy Old Navy ladies… 

I did print out 2 coupons just incase we had to go to a second Payless to find 4 pairs of girls boots in the sizes we needed. We didn’t… So when another lady and her son came walking up to the cash, I asked her if she had a coupon, and she didn’t – so I gave her my other one. I loved seeing the look on her face! She had no idea about the sale. Oh, and I resisted buying the $40 baby boots. Which would have only been $20… mostly because I have a whole bin full of baby girls’ boots in the basement. Still, they were the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! Ok…well, atleast since my last shopping trip…

Why don’t I have that problem with boys’ shoes?


She refused to pose for a “boot” picture. So instead, she talked to Daddy on the phone…






  1. wow. I just found your blog on hannah's (meme and monkey) sidebar. your family is absolutely beautiful.

  2. a beautiful family! you have been so blessed :). i can totally understand prayer's take on the boot sale - gotta hit the store first, then share the good news about the sale :O)

  3. Love it that you got such a good dear and those boots are just so grown up looking!!!

  4. I just found you too through Hannah! Your photography is stunning! I'll be following and looking forward to your family's adventures!

  5. OH NO! I forgot about the great deal and missed it all!

  6. My son doesn't like boots at all. Isn't that odd? : ) I love your boots and your sweet children's pictures in the boots. Too cute!

  7. CUTE boots!!!

    Are those boy boots from there too? I'll have to check it out!


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