Friday, October 9, 2009

Every Girl Has a Moustache!

Keona and Prayer were sitting on the stairs whispering back and forth last night. Whenever the girls are whispering, it’s one of two things…

 flower girls

flower girls at a wedding in 2007

1. It’s something serious and they haven’t decided whether or not they want to involve an adult yet..


2. It’s something funny/weird/mischievous and they don’t want the adults to hear.

When I asked them what was going on, Keona said, “Mom, you have a moustache, right"?”

Ummm…. ha! Not what I was expecting!

Prayer: I have a moustache, Mom…

Me: Everyone has hair there hun. Yes, I have one too.

Keona: But you shave it off, right!?

Me: Well, not quite. I wax it when I wax my eyebrows…


Me: But don’t worry about it. Like I said everyone has it, no one else notices.

Prayer: The boy at the park noticed.

Ahhh… now we’re getting to the real problem…

Keona: What did he say!?

Prayer: He said, “The girl with the mustache.” And he was talking about me!

Let me just say that these were the little brats at the park a month ago, that were so rude I had to either beat the snot out of them confront them about their behaviour in a park full of little kids,(these guys were 12 or 13) or leave with my kids…  So I decided to race the kids home. Had I known one of them said that… I may have made a different decision….

Anyways, it was a good lesson for Prayer. Scott and I have often said that if one of us cared more about what people thought, we probably wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble as teenagers. I’m careful not to offend people, and we DO care what God thinks… but that’s pretty much it.

You think I’m crazy for having so many kids? Good for you!

You don’t like my hair? I really couldn’t care less! :)

Think I’m sheltering my kids by homeschooling them? That’s nice!

I wasn’t always as secure as I am now, but I was never insecure. I attribute that to my Mom loving us the way she did… Kids at school never really teased me, cause when they did- I’d beat them up. Just kidding… though I do remember making a few boys cry. Ha! The two times I remember, it was because they were picking on a friend- and I was in grade school. :) Really, I think it’s because I didn’t care. Friends and I would tease eachother and joke around, but it never bothered me. Now Scott on the other hand… he is the most insecure and sensitive person I know. Not!

Hopefully, we can instill that into our kids at a young age. I have a feeling that it’s rubbing off on Keona- when I tell her that her outfit doesn’t match, and she says, “It doesn’t matter, I like it!” I had to explain to her that there are times when it’s not  just “opinion” and she needs to take mine and her dad’s advice. ;)

I don’t think Prayer cared too much by the looks of it. Atleast she didn’t try to shave it off with Scott’s razor or something!


My beautiful girls. Moustaches and all! ;)



  1. Tell Prayer i have a moustache and a beard!

    Your blog makes me smile :)

  2. aw:) ... reminds me of something we'd say as kids. I was the crier out of the two of us, I'm glad your kids aren't as sensitive as me! They are all sooo beautiful!<3

  3. How rude to say something like that!

    I think your girls are BEAUTIFUL (like their mommy). I am glad that you got to take advantage of this teachable moment... but seriously, how rude and mean to say such things.


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