Friday, October 2, 2009

Bits & Pieces

I can not believe how busy we have been around here lately! I actually missed a day of blogging this week! :/ I have been crocheting hats every spare moment, and thankfully, booking more photoshoots! :)

I’m advertising a special for October over on my Inspired Life {Photography} blog!

october special resized


I’ll be hosting another hat giveaway next week! :)


This morning, Ella disappeared for a few minutes. She has recently become very confident on the stairs, and goes up and down as she pleases. (with a sister or two!) While we were doing school work this morning I noticed she was missing… Keona found her upstairs, stirring the toilet water with her toothbrush!


Later on, I was talking on the phone with a friend, and when I hung up Prayer asked me, “Why do you always sound like you’re fake laughing when you’re on the phone?” Ha… I didn’t know how to reply. Was I fake laughing? Yeah, probably. Why? To be polite?.. Not really sure. I had never thought about it before. I strive so hard to “be real” and here I am, called out for fake laughing while I’m on the phone, by my seven year old. It amazes me, how perceptive children are.


i heart faces is taking a break from photo challenges next week, and is just hosting a “Photo Story” theme. We’re supposed to create a story, out of photos (obviously!) of our favourite things. I thought it would be fun to do, and then I started thinking… What are MY favourite things? I know my kids favourite things… I know Scott’s favourite things…

So, my challenge for the weekend is figure out my favourite things. :) Watch for that post on Monday!

Oh, and I have some new, fall, hat colours in!

This one:


inspired by Ella’s new coat

As well as a brown and pink, or visa versa. No picture of that one yet though! And…. a pumpkin orange! :)

See my little ham?

This is how she looks at herself in the mirror…

DSC_0697 copy



  1. love it! Don't you remember as a kid asking me why my laugh sounds so "fake" on the telephone - I am sure that both you and Sarah did... so its inherited!

  2. Papa say's I sure hope it wasn't me grandma was talking to when she was fakein it!LOL

  3. Oh! Too cute, Jackie! I love how Ella poses!

  4. BTW, you're still doing better than I am! Sometimes I can't get in a blog a month! lol! Looking forward to "favorite things Monday"! :-)

  5. :snort: about the toilet and toothbrush. I found a cup next to the toilet once. It was around the time my then 2yo was being quite the host and serving us cups of, ahem, water after he started being able to reach the faucet. (please let it have been sink water!).


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