Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby With Her Babies

Ella loves her “flowow!” hat.

Ella also loves her “babeeeee” (s).


She has many of them. The girls have all given her their old ones. Jed even gave her his old one. (I’m sure that will make Daddy proud!) She has quite the collection. Last week, the girls suggested that I make her (special) baby a hat just like hers…


And so I did. She LOVES it, and carries around her baby and flowow (which is what she calls the hat) all day. :)

Oh, and I must mention, seeing as it is such an unusual occurrence….

Scott, bought me a purse!


If you know us, you know that Scott buys me stuff all the time. Little things- big things… but always practical things.

So imagine my surprise...


I love my new purse.

I love you, Scott!

Especially after the dream I had last night, that we weren’t married, and you were moving really far away, and marrying someone else, and I would never see you again…



  1. PaPa say's,
    That cant happen!!! (the marrying someone else)
    Unless it's Heaven.(the moving far away.)
    Now all you need is something new in the purse, and something new on the finger that wraps the handle!!! Cmon Scott... Cough up!!!She deserves it!!!
    We all love our Jac.What a mom, wife and daughter.
    Nice hats!!!

  2. Oh my - I had forgotten to ask you about the purse.... very nice! Love the dolls! Katie and Mikey are still going strong.


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