Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Picking and Old Navy Shopping

Friday morning, we got up at the crack of dawn around 8am and bundled ourselves up, seeing that it was 2 degrees Celsius, to head off to the apple orchard. The last time we went to an apple orchard my camera broke about 5 minutes before we left, and knowing that we didn’t have the money to replace it- I cried (and prayed for a new one!) most of the way there.

elOh, and by the way, that night…. Scott found a camera that was better than my broken one, and used all of the same batteries, cords, etc. for $40!!! Talk about answered prayers.

OK…. back to 2009.

Ella wasn’t too sure about everything at first. She kept pointing to the trees, while saying, “Baaaaaalllll….” over and over again.

 el walking

I picked one for, and she seemed to recognize that it was indeed an apple, and not a ball. This apple kept her busy for approximately 20 minutes.

 el eating

The other kids didn’t need as much coaching…

jed eatingkeona eating

Charity was very proud of her apple that looked “just like the ones in cartoons!”


  By this point, Ella was getting bored with the apple, and just wanted me to pick her up.

mom and el

But I can’t take picture while I hold her, so Keona took over. Until she started getting apple juice on my camera. Then, I put Ella down and she was not pleased…

ella upset 

I told the kids to fill the bag up quick, cause Ella was tired and cold. I was tired and cold too… but no one would care if Mom were tired and cold… :)

On to the petting zoo… where I tried to use money to get food for the animals, but the goat kept head butting me, and the sheep was trying to eat my fingers… I gave the kids quarters to the girls and told them to have fun!


Jed was the smart one. He refused to come in…

jed watching

I was pretty fond of the calf. It didn’t try to climb me, or eat my sleeves… it just ran into it’s little dome and hid.


Elijah ran away from one of the goats, and the calf thought that Elijah was chasing him, and he ran away from Elijah. Then Elijah thought the calf was chasing him, and he ran away from the calf… it was hilarious.


Lastly, as if we weren’t already turning to ice- we went to the little park.

The kids found these particularly amusing….

fruits2 fruits Ella hid in the little tipi with Keona…


While the boys drove the old tractor…

tractor2 Ella was done by this point…

ella with bottle

She got to stay nice and toasty in the van with her baba.

Can you tell it was cold???


The kids really don’t seem to notice. I must be getting old.

After the apple orchard, we went to Old Navy to get Elijah some jeans, because he had a hole in EVERY pair that he owned. I had a 25% off coupon, so I figured it would be a good time to go! The girls saw these cute Christmas dresses, and honestly, my kids never ask me to buy them stuff! But Eve asked for the dress, and then they all said, “Yes, please? They’re so cute! And they’re 30% off!” And I said, “Dad is going to shoot me….” As I picked up the dresses… Of course I had to buy the matching vests for the boys too… but don’t worry I didn’t forget the jeans! Hey, 55% off is a really good deal!


You’ll have to wait for our Christmas card to see the outfits!



  1. aw poor Ella! lol - I always wonder how we used to play out in the snow all day... us old fogies can't handle the weather:P

  2. PaPa say's,
    Who you calling old auntie S? Your not refering to any of us are you???
    Cause we don't feel as old as you!!!:P


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