Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: I Love Shutterfly

A few of the pages from our free Shutterfly book. They are an awesome company, with great deals, excellent quality, and superb customer service.

Enough adjectives in there!?

Bet you have no idea what I’m teaching in Grade 2 English right now…

Anyways… LOVE them!

Shutterfly that is… Not adjectives. :)


 book6book2 book1book8book3 book4   book7 book5 book9

Taking pictures of pictures… is that weird?

Oops! I mean, odd



  1. First time here. Beautiful family! Awesome.

  2. The book is a beauty and it has convinced me to take the step as well. I think maybe i'll do a book of us and surprise my family with it for Christmas. Do you have any bits of info you have learned through the process if you would re-do it? Have a happy Thursday... almost the wkend. YEAH!!

  3. not odd at all, i like how you put your book together and i like that you shared it with us :O)

  4. I am going to check it out. I have always made books with Creative Memories so I am curious to see the price difference.

  5. Seriously the most beautiful children in the world. OH MY GOODNESS! I can not take it.

  6. I wish you could come over and go through my pictures for me to make one of those books.

    No, there is nothing freakish, I mean odd about taking pictures of pictures! ;)


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