Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love a Good Deal

…and 50% off your entire purchase at Payless- is a pretty good deal! Especially when you have 7 kids, and 5 of them need new boots. :)


The sale is still on today, so if you don’t have your coupon yet- go here to print one! Just don’t tell Prayer that I told you… Yesterday, I put the link on my facebook status, and Prayer said,

“Don’t tell everyone on Facebook about the sale! Everyone is going to go there and buy all the good boots before us!”

So I said…. “First of all, not everyone on facebook can see my status- only my friends. And secondly, I’m not as selfish as you- to want to keep this good deal to myself!”

So she said… “I’m not selfish. I just think that we should go get our boots first. THEN you can tell them!”


A girl after my own heart… haha. I can remember being her age, and hiding books in the bookmobile so that they’d still be there when I came back with my money. Does anyone else remember bookmobiles!? They were the coolest thing…. Ahem, I totally wouldn’t do that anymore. Not like the crazy Old Navy ladies… 

I did print out 2 coupons just incase we had to go to a second Payless to find 4 pairs of girls boots in the sizes we needed. We didn’t… So when another lady and her son came walking up to the cash, I asked her if she had a coupon, and she didn’t – so I gave her my other one. I loved seeing the look on her face! She had no idea about the sale. Oh, and I resisted buying the $40 baby boots. Which would have only been $20… mostly because I have a whole bin full of baby girls’ boots in the basement. Still, they were the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! Ok…well, atleast since my last shopping trip…

Why don’t I have that problem with boys’ shoes?


She refused to pose for a “boot” picture. So instead, she talked to Daddy on the phone…





Fix-it Friday

I haven’t participated in a fix-it Friday for a while- but this image intrigued me… :)







Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: I Love Shutterfly

A few of the pages from our free Shutterfly book. They are an awesome company, with great deals, excellent quality, and superb customer service.

Enough adjectives in there!?

Bet you have no idea what I’m teaching in Grade 2 English right now…

Anyways… LOVE them!

Shutterfly that is… Not adjectives. :)


 book6book2 book1book8book3 book4   book7 book5 book9

Taking pictures of pictures… is that weird?

Oops! I mean, odd


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Room for Mom

When your dinner table looks like this…


Just kidding… of course. Though today, we had my 7 kids, Nicole, and Robbie at our house. And it was definitely- a very full table! :)

I took the kids out to the park today, in hopes of getting a good picture of my kids, with my little…

rob and keona2

…or not so little… brother.


all the kids2

Though it could have been a better photo… atleast all of them are looking! No one is sticking their tongue out, or picking their nose- so that’s a bonus!

Ella wore pig-tails for the first time…


But she still refuses to look directly at the camera.

Unless, I’m jumping up and down, while shaking my keys, and yelling,

“BOO! What’s this Ella?! Kids! Keep looking here! Ellie, Ellie!! Where’s Mommy!? Say cheese! Where’s the camera!? KIDS! Look here! Ella!….” 

And so on… that’s how I got this…

all the kids2Otherwise….


She runs away.



Purposely diverts her eyes…

I had a little bit more luck with the boys. When I say “little bit” that may even be a slight exaggeration.

boysJed is watching Max play in the sand…

The girls cooperate better, as long as I’m quick.

No longer then 30 seconds, or their faces start to look like Charity’s does here…

triplets  Not grumpy, just slightly perturbed…

Ah well…

Can you believe how big these two are??? rob and keona

Because this….


Feels like just yesterday…


A Post that Everyone Needs…

I met a dear lady named Marsha online a few weeks ago. As I was  reading her blog late one night, I came across this post. Let me just say, this woman inspires me. Her faith, outlook, and selflessness while going through a mother’s worst nightmare, puts me to shame. And yet, it encourages me, and reminds me of how amazing God’s grace is. How real He is. How present He is in our time of need.

Everyone should read this post.

Be inspired, be reminded, be encouraged, and be thankful.  

Mowing and Memories

By Marsha

Monday, October 26, 2009

i heart faces: dress-up


Though we don’t celebrate hallowe’en, our kids dress up almost everyday!

I was listening to a sermon lately about being a pattern, and it posed the question,

“Would you be happy if your child grew up to be just like you? Go the places you go? Say the things you say? Watch everything you watch? Do everything you do?”

While Scott is by no means perfect, I can’t think of a better pattern for our sons. I can honestly say, that I’d be one proud Momma if they grow up to be just. like. him.

jed dressed up



Friday, October 23, 2009



Imagine all the people, it's easy if you try,
seeing their great dreamer, has now been shot and died

Imagine as they listen to his words over and over again
Thinking, "What if there really is no heaven, and could be a brotherhood of man?"

Imagine all the people, lining up as one
Crossing over boundaries to gain their freedom won

Volunteering, working, giving, striving, trying
To create a world where we need not think of hell or dying

Where people look to each other to solve the greatest of needs,
Where God and his enforcement are drowned in democratic pleas

Think of all the miracles man could do himself
for the profit of all people, so we all can have great wealth

So, everyone can have peace, education, and choice,
So that a government will be forced to hear the smallest of needing voice

Imagine all the people, living for today
imagine their disgust as you bow your head and pray

You may think that I'm a dreamer, but I'm just telling you the truth
it's a time of education, preparing the souls whilst in their youth:

Peace should be attained without the help of religion,
In fact, that is the real problem, our difference in opinion

Imagine all the people, believe in themselves;
No difference in opinion, being satisfied by wealth

Imagine heaven's here, that there's nowhere after this
No fighting over who's right or wrong or going into bliss

Saying, "Bliss is in our grasps right now, enjoy it, take it, live!
And if, by some chance, a problem comes, be also prone to give."

Harmony is the message: peace between every man;
Freedom to choose our own destiny and, by our brotherhood, we can!”

So now the world has decided, by giving this dream a try,
they’ll replace the problems that we may face through profit oh so high

One must think back to the person who started it all
Not the words, author, or spirit, in which we heard the message call

But rather the murdering man who forced this message through,
The one who took his gun and killed the chance for proof of truth

What if John had tried that dream and seen that it was useless?
What if the Spirit of truth had won that man and he had reached the masses?

You see the point of the thought is not simply to fight.
It's not to yell or strive or mindlessly slight.

You won't fix the problem by shooting the author;
He was just a pen in the hand of the scoffer

Not the first, and not the last
Do we wage war on man with the rifle's blast?

Shoot them down if they don't agree?
Or take them out and hang them from a tree?

The reason this message of error and death
has crept across our world in such depth

Is the men and women who with it don't agree,
who believe in the Christ against which man doth decree

You sit on your pew and you nod your head
while that line up of people blindly falls over dead

One by one the world joins their dreamer's cause
Masses they walk without stopping to pause

"What if this dream that we now believe
Does actually lead us to unity achieve?

But what if that unity is in our own destruction
Maybe that dream was written with hellish corruption!"

And as blindly they walk following their martyr's dreams,
from our pews we hear the Spirit of God in a fervent scream

"Help them! Help them! They've believed a lie!"
Yet we drive there and back without a thought that they'll die

The problem is not that the imagination taught them,
Not that the people's minds were ready and it caught them

The problem is that the people who could help
are now busy believing the same dream of wealth

Trying to live in peace, in the temporary world,
reaping the fruit of the corner in which they’re now curled

The world walks to hell, Satan, a smile on his face
and the very Church of God has decided not to race

Don't think that your gun will solve man’s imagination.
There is one simple cure and it's the God of salvation.

For thousands of years man has believed in this lie,
that they can live for today and ignore that they soon die.

The solution is the same and it always was
for the stiff-necked people of God to take up His cause

So.... Imagine

Imagine there's a heaven
it’s easy if you try
that there's a hell below us,
And a true reason why
Imagine all the people
thinking past today

Imagine there's a country,
it isn't hard to do,
where there's no killers,
No child molesters too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Imagine no transgressions,
I think you maybe can
No chance that people go hungry,
Fed by the Son of man,
Imagine all the people
Enjoying a Christ-led world

You may say that I'm a dreamer,
and I may be the only one,
But one day you'll wish you'd been there,
When the world finally lives as one.

~ SP Nov 2005

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; – 2 Cor 10:5


scott's sig

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Love Autumn


My kids spent almost an hour raking leaves up into a huge pile, so that they could jump in it…

jumping in leaves

Uncle Robbie joined in the fun. Love that picture of him! :)

Then, they threw them at eachother for another half an hour, and buried Prayer. She was almost jumped on several times…

throwing leaves

We got our pictures done for our Christmas card- which I am incredibly excited about!!! I only have one with Scott left to do. Which may be more of a fight than the one I did with Ella…. :P

He wants me to photoshop on a goatee for his picture. Not sure I can do that… We shall see! haha…

I’m SO looking forward to the holiday season. Christmas carols, candles, staying nice and toasty under a blanket, eggnog and hot chocolate…. Mmmmm!

But for now, we’re enjoying the windy fall days.Rob 

OH! I forgot to mention, our photo was chosen as a finalist in the “Silly Kids” contest. Vote for our photo HERE!

Please and thank you! :D


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby With Her Babies

Ella loves her “flowow!” hat.

Ella also loves her “babeeeee” (s).


She has many of them. The girls have all given her their old ones. Jed even gave her his old one. (I’m sure that will make Daddy proud!) She has quite the collection. Last week, the girls suggested that I make her (special) baby a hat just like hers…


And so I did. She LOVES it, and carries around her baby and flowow (which is what she calls the hat) all day. :)

Oh, and I must mention, seeing as it is such an unusual occurrence….

Scott, bought me a purse!


If you know us, you know that Scott buys me stuff all the time. Little things- big things… but always practical things.

So imagine my surprise...


I love my new purse.

I love you, Scott!

Especially after the dream I had last night, that we weren’t married, and you were moving really far away, and marrying someone else, and I would never see you again…



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