Monday, September 21, 2009

This Weekend…


I lost at Scrabble to my husband. I hate losing.

I crocheted 5 hats. Sold four of them, and kept one.

pink n blue hat

I didn’t do any laundry. Not a single load…

I won “Amy’s pick” on i heart faces for my contemplative photo of Keona!


We went to the Senior’s home. I was incredibly thankful to have the college students back. Not that I don’t enjoy playing the piano… just that I don’t enjoy playing the piano while Jed is trying to figure out how to get the fish out of their tank, and Ella is calling, “Mooom! Moooom! Ba-ba! Ba-ba!” Slightly distracting. :)

We had a fun visit this time. Our friend Mary, was in quarantine and couldn’t be there this week. The kids missed seeing her. Unfortunately, we learned that Jean, one of the seniors who has been faithful since our first time there, passed away last month. I think it really made the kids realize how important our time there is.

prayer and dorothy

We met a new lady named Ollie. She broke my heart. Looking passed her shaky hands, slow speech, and constant drooling, obviously from a stroke of some sort, the girls shared stories with her. She cried while telling me how beautiful my children were. Then, she explained to me how she came from a large family herself, and how she was the youngest. Her eyes welled up with tears, as she told me,

“It’s hard being the youngest. All of them have passed on now, and I’m left here all alone…”

I held her hand and talked with her. I didn’t want to leave- in tears myself! She told me that our next visit gave her something to look forward to, and that she’d have candy for the children next time. I asked her if she liked candy, and she said,

“Why yes, I do. But I’m on a diet, and I really try not to eat it…”

As I pulled a twizzler out of my purse, and she graciously accepted. :)

We have our funny ones too. Who forget what their names are. Or think that our kids are their grandchildren. It is such a joy, to watch my children be a blessing to these seniors, and love them as if they are their own grandparents.

ollie and eve

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
-3 John 1:4


Oh, and I took the kids to the park, remembered my camera, didn’t forget my memory card in Scott’s laptop, and then had my camera battery die- for the very first time… I did manage to get a few fun pictures, which I’ll post tomorrow!


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