Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surgery Went Well…

I told Scott on Monday, that it would just be like a normal week at home. In fact, I knew that I would get to see him more this week (when he spends 4 days in the hospital) than during a normal, “school year” week. After all, I’d get to sit with him on Thursday night, and have breakfast with him on Friday morning…

Well, boy was I wrong!

I hadn’t taken into consideration, what it would feel like knowing that my hubby is in the hospital, in pain, and I can’t be there to take care of him! It sucks stinks! :(

Thankfully, it is a  very nice place, where people travel from all over the country and even other countries, to have hernia repair surgery done. It is actually, and old mansion, that a doctor bought and turned into a hospital, when he decided to leave the corrupt medical system. Go Dr. Shouldice!

Anyhow, very interesting history, to say the least!


I did get to be there, when he came out of surgery. Thanks to Scott’s mom, who spent the day with the kids. His surgery went well, and as planned. That afternoon, he was slightly out of it…


“I just dreamt we had a pet monkey… and we were mad at it for being on our bed.”

“I was watching the history channel and there were these german jets….”


“I was preaching and people were serving spaghetti!”

“I’m not tired at all. I don’t know why they want me to sleep…”



I’ll spare you the pictures of his incision…

It was quite entertaining. Now I know why my sister enjoys it so much when I’m doped up after a c-section! ha…

He seems to be doing just fine, meeting new people and telling them about what Jesus has done in our lives. I’m continually reminded, that it isn’t the “religion” -it’s the “relationship.” I am so thankful to have such a wonderful, personal, relationship with my Saviour. He is so good! As we’ve seen in so many ways just this week.

As long as Scott has someone to share the gospel with… he’s happy.


I love my hubby, and can’t wait to have him back home tomorrow!!! :)


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