Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summary of My Day

Me: Jeddy, please put my pen back.

Jeddy: Why?…

Me: Jeddy, please don’t pick up Ella.

Jeddy: Why, Mom?

Me: Jeddy, please get down off the counter.

Jeddy: Why?

Me: Jeddy, please don’t sit on your little sister.

Jeddy: But why, Mom?


Times this by about 100, and picture me like one of those little cartoons, pulling my hair out while yelling,

“Because I said so! That’s why!!!” :)

butting heads



  1. I love the picture - good thing the WHY stage doesn't last forever... but it does come back!

  2. Papa says,
    But why do you say so Mom?:)
    Aren't you glad you asked so many questions?
    That's how we learned so much!
    1234567 reasons to smile at this blog.
    Wish I was there.

  3. Scott: I never have grown out of the why stage...


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