Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Same - Difference

black and white flower_il I couldn’t tell them apart at birth.

Scott, always could.

Kids are better at figuring them out than adults are.

They have extremely different personalities.

I still can’t tell them apart when they’re sleeping.

triplet feet

When I took them to the park the other day, there was a group of about 15 girls there. All “preteen” age. When I got my camera out to start taking pictures, they all gathered around. One of them shouted, “Hey, are you guys models!?” Followed by all of them whispering, “They’re triplets! Look, they’re all wearing the same thing!”

I shouted back, “Just my models!”

Apparently, my girls were entertained by the thought. As they went around the rest of the time we were there saying, “We’re models. Our Mom takes pictures. She has a blog….”  triplet3

Then… my camera battery died.




  1. Okay - adorable, but help! In the last pic I say Charity, Eve, Prayer and Robbie says Charity, Prayer, Eve! I am so glad they love me - and can forgive me for not being able to see the differences!

  2. Nana said...I agree with Robbie; Charity, Prayer, Eve.(In the last pic) The pic of the shoes who is the one in the middle with the skinny ankles? Maybe they just look skinny because they have no straps on the shoes.

  3. Those are great pictures, you're girls sound funny! I love the last picture of the 3 of them.


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