Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Dream of Hats…

Seriously, I dreamt of crocheting hats last night. I’m thankful that I have lots of orders coming in, but wondering how I’m going to keep up at the same time!


Things around here are back to normal. School has gone magnificently this week.  Today, I learned that  baby elephant can weigh 260lbs at birth! Keona wrote a report on the great commission, and Elijah is whizzing through his math- as per usual.

I noticed today, and found it quite entertaining, how often my girls refer to situations by books. They say things like, “Oh, just like in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!” or… “We can do what they did in Swiss Family Robinson and…” or… {insert phrase here} about Anne of Green Gables, The Little Princess, Little Women, Mandie…. I love that my girls LOVE reading. I think I’ll have to find some new ones for this school year to read together.

Any suggestions? :)

Music practice has resumed. The string that Eve broke (while trying to tune her own violin) has finally been replaced, and their new song books have arrived…


Jeddy was insistent that he was “in kindergarten!” this year. Scott, was also insistent that I teach him if he wants to learn. I made him his own school bag, and got out the kindergarten curriculum…. Monday morning, he was so excited to sit at the table and “do school.” Well, that lasted a whole 2 minutes, until he was told to be quiet while we were reading… Then he decided kindergarten wasn’t for him.

Maybe next year! ;)





Well, back to crocheting I go. I hope to be able to do another {GIVEAWAY} next week, once I catch up on my orders!

Until then…



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  1. Nana said...I remember Elijah at Jed's age; while the girls did school, he would spend hours doing puzzles on the floor and not stopping until they were each complete. Somehow I can't see Jed doing that....he is WAY TOO BUSY!!!!
    Great job on all the hats Jackie :D


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