Monday, September 28, 2009

Homeschool: Science

Keona is studying “Health & physiology” this year. I’m learning things as we go.

Elijah is learning about bugs. This is the third time I have taught Grade 2 science, which is all about bugs. I’m a little sick of it bored with the whole bug thing… :)

Though, I can tell you that a spider will remove (by the next morning) anything that you put in its web. We’ve proven it.

I know that when a new queen bee is born, it fights with the old queen until one gives up and leaves with its faithful workers and drones. This is called a swarm. And then…. she goes and opens all the cells of the other “baby queens,” and stings them one-by-one.

No wonder my son is so disturbed.

I’ve also learned that well-nourished, female ants, are born with wings. They “detach them” when they find somewhere suitable to live. Oh, and ants “milk” aphids by stroking them with their antennae. Therefore, aphids are often referred to as, “ant cows.”

By who? I haven’t a clue. But thanks to grade 2 science, I have all of these random facts taking up valuable brain storage space.

But grade 3 science…. ah, I love grade 3 science.


It’s all about the universe, and mammals (not just insects!) and of course, the human body.

Plus, as an added bonus- we get to do lots of experiments! :)

For example….

I didn’t say they always work…

We did learn how soap works, and breaks down the water tension.


And how fire needs oxygen to live…

And how oil and water don’t mix. Even though, Eve was sure she could get them to!


One more try…

Notice how Charity blew it off the plate?! This whole time I thought it had worked! (a bit) I jut saw now, while watching the video, that she did it! Ugh...

Oh, and we made a “rubber egg.” Except that somebody, apparently thought the inside turned into rubber too, and tried to bounce it on the floor.

How I love homeschooling!

Especially science! :)



  1. I had to watch it a second time to see that Charity blew it off the plate... oh my they make me laugh! So glad you love it - the kids sure do!

  2. PaPa says the best science is the unknown scientific exploring of homeschooling:)It is particularly funny from out here!!!

  3. We did the egg in vinegar a couple of months ago to see how the calcium breaks down and the shell weakens. I wish we had this kind of fun science when I was in school!


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