Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catch it!! Catch it!!!

Yesterday while Scott was out getting his hair cut, I took the kids to the park. While we were there, we met another set of triplets! Fraternal, three year old triplets. I was able to encourage the dad, that it DOES get easier after the toddler stage! :) It was quite a blessing for my triplets, to get to meet (and play with!) other triplets.

Then, in behind the trees, over near the fence for the railway tracks, we met a family of kids from Zimbabwe. Yes, we always meet lots of people while we’re out… mostly because my girls can’t help but talk to everyone they meet! :) So much for homeschooled kids being under developed socially… ha!

Anyways, back to my story… and you will never guess what they had found! My kids started telling Keona, “Catch it! Catch it!”

So, she did…


It was slithering, and trying to get away, it jumped at Eve’s face right after this picture…


But she still insisted on holding it.


Elijah’s response?

“I’ve always wanted to hold a REAL LIVE SNAKE!”

And so he did…



I got to hold the snake too! Though, I don’t have a picture of that. Jed “pet it” but didn’t want to hold it.

We had more fun “after” the park, than we did “at” the park!



  1. Nana said...Hey he looks just like my snake...but I haven't seen him in a while so he may have moved homes. Good job Keona.

  2. PaPa says,
    I'm glad I wasn't there!
    I hate snakes.
    The snake beguiled Adam through Eve, and I choose to run from the snake.
    Yuk, I hate snakes!


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