Monday, September 28, 2009

A Boring Photo Editing Post…


Here’s the SOOC:


Pretty crummy shot…. First off, let me say- Not all my photos start out this bad… It was the first shot and I was shooting in manual. Second, open-shade is my best friend!

So here’s what I did in PSE7….

1. Colour correction

1Still pretty dull….

2. Colour boost- (a “soft light” and a “screen” layer- set to taste)

2Slight improvement…

3. Slight blemish removal and dodging/burning of the eyes

3  Not quite happy with the colour yet…

4. Another slight colour boost and then a very slight desaturation (-5)

4Almost done…

5. Crop, sharpen and stamp!

stamped carson 1  (this is the original and I don’t remember the EXACT steps- so I may have boosted the colour a bit more by the looks of it!)




Finished product


And for all those who were looking… here’s my reflection…


See? Right in the middle!




  1. You make is sound so easy... but I wouldn't even want to try. You did a terrific job! He is gorgeous and you brought out the baby blues!

  2. I have PSE6. Have you thought about moving up to CS4? Ack. I'm on the fence about it. I am perfectly happy with Elements but wondering if I'm missing out on something easier and better...

  3. Wow! Great job! With the "Screen" and "soft light" layer suggestions this post was an AHA moment for me. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'm very new to photography, but having a blast learning everything I can :)


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