Friday, September 4, 2009

Answered Prayers…

God is so good to us! Sometimes, when everything isn’t going exactly as planned, it takes a little something to remind me of that.

My heavenly Father, has come through for me EVERY time. Though, it may not always seem like that, at the time

Recently, a week ago to be exact, I saw a prayer answered that I had specifically prayed for 2 years ago! I had forgotten that I had even prayed for it! But it was so specific, that it could only have been God Himself arranging things.

Kinda like my triplets… Most of you reading this probably already know this- but I prayed for triplets! Yes, maybe I am crazy… But when Scott and I were planning to have a second baby, I asked the Lord for “twins, or even triplets!” More specifically, I prayed for identical girls. (Hence the name, “Prayer”)

From the time that we found out I was pregnant, we joked about it being “twins.” We would always refer to “them.” Though, at that point, I don’t even think that Scott knew I had prayed for them! He just saw that I was growing abnormally fast. :)

Around 12 weeks into the pregnancy, I was having some cramping and spotting, and they sent me in for an ultrasound. I remember the technician saying, “You knew you were pregnant, RIGHT?” But she wasn’t allowed to say anything else.

After the ultrasound was finished, (keep in mind, I was at the hospital alone!) they sent me into this little office, with a couch and a box of kleenex on the table. I could hear the nurses outside the closed door, saying, “Who’s going to tell her!?”

I thought that for sure there was something wrong.

I figured that I had lost the baby babies, fear set in, and immediately I started praying that God would give me strength for whatever news I was about to hear. The Dr. walked in, eyes on my file, he glanced at me over his glasses (just like they do on TV!) and he handed me a piece of paper. “Here, see for yourself…” he said. My heart was racing, and my eyes panned that paper so fast! Then I saw, right at the bottom…

“Live 11.3 week old triplets”


He must have thought I was insane! An 18 year old grinning from ear to ear, when she found out that she was having, not one, not two, but THREE babies! I immediately called Scott and told him the news, he was shouting on the phone he was so excited! I asked him not to tell anyone yet, just in case. Well, everyone in his workplace knew before he came home that night!

triplet pregnancy

Not only was everything OK with my pregnancy, one of the top OBGYN’s in Toronto told me that he had never seen such an “uneventful” and healthy triplet pregnancy!


Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.
-Psalms 37:4-5

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  1. Beautiful post Jaclyn - I so remember that! Beautiful girls too!

  2. Wow what a story, I knew there had to be a specific reason why you named her Prayer.

    God is Good!
    It is amazingly true how the Lord always comes through for us. Sometimes He even provides before we seek him and answers before we ask. He knows our hearts.

    Glad to hear that after two years your prayers have been answered


  3. That is such an awe-inspiring story. Totally gave me goosebumps as I was reading it.
    God is GREAT!!


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