Saturday, August 1, 2009

Viewer Discretion is Advised....

*This post may contain images which are disturbing to some viewers*

Double ouch...

Let me just start by saying, I do not have a weak stomach at all. I've become use to my children falling and getting hurt. Scraped knees, goose-eggs on the head, slivers and cuts... blood doesn't usually bother me- unless it's coming out of my son's head...

Elijah was playing in the basement on Friday, when things got a bit rowdy. He ended up getting his own light saber hilt, in the forehead.

I heard him scream and didn't really think twice. (Like I said, I'm kind of use to it!) Though, when Keona came running up the stairs yelling, "There;s blood!! He's bleeding alot!!" Slight panic set in. Then I saw Papa come around the corner, holding Elijah's head, with a hand full of blood. One side of his face was completely cover with blood, and it was dripping down his neck and chest. Definitely the most blood I've seen on one of my kids. Thankfully, we had Dr. Streeter over at the time.

He took a look at it and said that it probably needed a stitch or two, but that we might be able to get away with butterfly bandages.

These pictures were taken several hours later, after he had been cleaned up for the third time, and played soccer for an hour. He's a tough guy!

When Jed saw the cut, he said, "Elijah's head. Is open!"

And he's back to his crazy, daredevil ways today...

Ella on the other hand, is still going flamingo-style...


  1. Oh my... I think we need to keep Papa out of the basement (only joking) poor Elijah! good thing he's tough! it does look really bad though!

  2. aw, poor little guy- but he doesn't look to fazed by it does he?:)

  3. Yikes!! You all have had a rough week! We've had a couple of similar injuries and every time I am amazed at how much a head can bleed. Yuck! I'm glad he is feeling ok.


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