Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teeter Totters and Toads

I think we were all pretty relieved when we finally arrived in North Bay!

Especially the girls, who all made a bee-line to the bathroom!

We just spent the first day there, relaxing and playing. Mr. Brooks gave the girls some wood for a balance beam. They turned it into a teeter-totter.

Jess decided to ride with them. This picture was taken about 30 seconds before they bumped it hard and sent her flying...

When she wasn't running around playing hide-and-seek, Mrs. Brooks was playing Scrabble.

Or cooking... we all love Mrs. Brooks' cooking! Especially her cookies, which Jeddy couldn't get enough of! I think my kids must have polished off 200 cookies while they were there...
An inside look of the home.

This is the piano where Jessica gave the girls their very first voice lesson!

They sang, "Higher Ground" in church on Sunday morning, and at the senior's home on Sunday afternoon.
And of course, they had to catch frogs...

and toads...

Notice how Jed is choking the life out of this one?

See his poor little eyeballs bulging!?

"Where is my toad!?!?"
"Me find him! And hold him tight! So him doesn't get 'way!"

Yep... that's tight all right...

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  1. When I was akid, I was told that holding frogs would give you warts. That's why I am not fond of frogs (or lizards. ewwww!).
    Such a good mom letting their kids play with frogs and toads. :)
    Love the bulging eyes pic!


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