Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picture-less Wednesday?

OK… so not “picture-less” but not “wordless” either! I just realized how long this is going to take- putting up all the vacation pictures. So here is a quick over view!

We went to a miniature village , that a man had built on his property.DSC_0033

He filled the room with vintage/antique items. It was pretty amazing to see it all!

DSC_0030 DSC_0028


He had even built a schoolroom…


…and a church.


The kids were chanting, “Preach, preach , preach!” When Scott came in.

He didn’t preach there…but he did preach on Sunday. Even though, I get to hear him preaching talking all the time at home… :P It was different. I’m so proud of him. I love him.


The kids got to go in the stocks…


So did Mr. Brooks!


They didn’t want to leave!


Eve rang the dinner bell and nearly gave the older man a heart attack. He said that he probably won’t sleep for weeks now! ha…

We went home that night and had a campfire.


Roasted and ate, many marshmallows!



Nearly had my eye poked out with several hot stick several times!


Well, I guess I’ll save the best for last! And tell you all about the bears, and fishing tomorrow!


Oh, and just as a side note, what kind of kids think that washing dishes by hand, is a treat!? What is this world coming to?…

(We ran out of dishwasher soap today and they thought that we couldn’t do the dishes! ha)

Well, that was definitely NOT "picture-less"...

Pictureful Wednesday!



  1. To your side note: My kids do! The two eldest (5 & 4) were side by side at the sink washing my dishes for me while I made supper tonight :-)

  2. For me, the dishwasher is "the treat." I have never, ever had one or used one in my entire life. Always by hand here in our household. It's fun though but a bit time consuming...and it uses more water (sshhhhh! Don't tell anybody! LOL).

  3. great pictures and wonderful memories and I love the new "header" or whatever its called!


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