Monday, August 17, 2009

Only 3 kids…

That’s right. I only have three kids for the week. Normally, I have 9 here on weekdays, and yet, somehow today- when I only had 5 here… I managed to lose one!

Well, he wasn’t really “lost”. Just momentarily missing.

Actually, while I was upstairs in the bathroom, he went looking for me outside. When I asked Robbie and Elijah where he was, they very calmly replied, “Outside…”

“You let him go outside???”

I found him standing out front, like this…

jed and toads

Incase you can’t tell, he has 3 toads in his hands!

Including the “ginormous” one that he found, and claimed for his own last week.

DSC_0137 copy

Then, he tried to make up for nearly giving his mother a heart attack…


Notice the roots still attached to my garden flowers?… Not the way to make up with Mommy. But I love his squishy little face anyhow!

There aren’t really any pictures of Elijah, as he spent most of the day playing Lego or Wii with Robbie. Tonight, he asked if he could sleep in the girl’s room with Ella cause she would be lonely… what a thoughtful big brother he is!

Speaking of Ella. No more “flamingo” for her! She is fully restored, and on the go. We recently repainted the livingroom and kitchen, and decided to get rid of the kitchen gate. Not so sure if that was a good idea…

DSC_0132 copyDSC_0133_edited-1  

By this point, you may be wondering why I only have three kids for the week!

This morning, I sent the girls off to camp for a whole week!


I lectured them the whole way there, not to go in water past their waist, to stay with a friend at all times, to check on eachother every five minutes once in a while… and most importantly, to remember to be a blessing.


Apparently, Eve was too busy chatting away and filling her mouth with timbits and twizzlers, to come wave bye!


See you on Saturday girls!

I’m missing your constant chatter already….



  1. Nana said...Wow, that must have been a tough one when they drove away.....I guess for a change the boys rule. Poor Ella is out numbered this week.

    I can't wait to here all of the stories.

  2. Ella may be outnumbered, but she is still spoiled!


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