Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Quiet House…

Did I just say that???

My house is never quiet! :) Quieter… Yes, that’s more like it.

Actually, I can’t get over the volume change since the girls have been away. They really are all the noise!

So, what did we do today?

I cleaned the kitchen, transplanted my plants into fish bowls and large glasses… long story. I cleaned the basement, and reorganized all the toys. I did laundry… but who really wants to hear about my day??

Ella climbed the slide…

DSC_0253 copy

You can see her intense concentration.DSC_0245_edited-1

Jed searched for toads…

DSC_0282 copy

He loves anything creepy crawly. And totally fearlessly…

DSC_0258 copy

Then he hopped around like one.

DSC_0276 copy_edited-1 DSC_0275 copy_edited-1

He tried to pose for a picture with his sister…


She wasn’t having it.

Robbie unlocked mirror-mode for us on MarioKart Wii!

Elijah spent the day at his friend’s house, and arrived home after dinner time.

DSC_0291_edited-1 copy

Ella played in the dirt…


And apparently tasted it too…

DSC_0259 copy_edited-1

At this point, I figured that it was time to call it a night. I cuddled up with the kids, and watched an episode of Care Bears. Then it was, baths and bed.


She’s gonna love me when she gets older…



  1. love the bath bum!! those are the best pics.

  2. Nana said..Oh my Ella has Daddy's concentration; look at her tonge when she is climbing the slide :)


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