Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready To Go...

No... we're not leaving on a jet plane- just an over-crowded minivan!

I think I'm getting better at condensing our luggage each year, as we make our annual trip up to North Bay. The first year... oh man, they must have thought that we were moving in! This year we have it down to this....

Ok. So that's only the kids stuff. But Scott and I can get away with a bag or two.
I just finished packing all the individual snack bags for the kids- freezer ziplocs with their names on them, full of grapes, granola bars, licorice, crackers, and juice boxes. (courtesy of Grandma!) My hope is, that because they each have their own bags, and can eat at their own pace, we won't have any arguments about food... or who should share with who. Ah, let's get real... there will still be arguments! There have been constant arguments with the girls lately. I now understand why my Mom use to say that all she wanted for her birthday was for my sister and I to get along for a day. I understand... because I can now, as a full time referee, say the same thing. OK... enough "getting real..."

So, we will be gone for the weekend, and looking forward to it!

Here we come, Miss. Brooks! ;)

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