Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fur Babies

The very next day after Scott and I got back from our honeymoon, we went on a trip to a pet store. And yes, it was actually "a trip" considering neither of us drove, and it was a bus, a subway, and another bus away... We went there with the intention of buying a single, female kitten. Scott scooped her up out of the cage, and she was his.


While he was loving on her, I saw this sweet little silver and black kitty, with a little white belly, and tiny white paws, all alone in the cage. He was mewing at me.
"The last one left of this litter."
I remember asking the lady if I could "just hold him for a minute." I cuddled him, and rubbed his belly, he purred and nibbled on my hands. I think we both knew at this point, that he wasn't going back into that lonely little cage. And so it began...

They would each have a lap to sleep on every night, and someone to rub their bellies. What we didn't know, was that the friendly pet store lady, had lied about their age- and that a few months later, we would have 5 little kittens, and a new baby. Our parents were sure that the kittens would smother Keona in her crib at night. Nope, they were content to snuggle at her feet. One by one, we found homes for the little ones. I cried each time one left. Except for Tigger. My sister picked the little demon-possessed one. We got our cats fixed, and now, almost 10 years later, they are the fat, lazy cats that cartoons are made of.

(Funny, they don't look quite so cute to me anymore... oops... did I say that outloud?...)

Miss. Vicki - given that name because the first thing she ate once home, was Miss Vicki's chips...

What can I say?

You are bipolar.
We're sure of it.
We know where Tigger gets it from....

Flare- for a marking he had as a kitten.

Oh, if we had only known how much you were going to cost us, Flare. Who knew that on New Years Eve, an emergency vet clinic could triple their prices?? And that cats could have to get repeated operations...and go on special diets... ugh.
You are the best cat ever though, I must admit. You have saved us from fire (literally) called us when Tigger was locked outside, and you growl at the mailman when Scott isn't home.
I love you, my furbaby.


  1. Glad you love them.... I could never! But yes, I do remember how happy you were when you got your pets!

  2. LOL - I love them too. And even my demon kitty!:)


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