Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fishing, and Flowers and Bears, Oh My!

This was the first year that Elijah got to go fishing with the men. He was just a tad bit excited. Moreso to get out of watching “Little Women” with his sisters, I think! Last year, Keona caught a 3lb bass- so Elijah had high hopes of doing the same. Unfortunately, it was not to be. He caught a few, but “couldn’t keep any.” We let him show off the fish that Scott and Mr. Brooks caught instead.


“Are they dead yet?”

“Why are they still moving like that??”


He was a little unsure of holding them. Jed on the other hand, wanted to hug them, and squish them, and make them his own! (Finding Nemo joke…)


Later that night, we went to the dump. Doesn’t sound very exciting, right?


See, this dump, is surrounded by forest, and supposedly it is the hottest restaurant around- for bears!


I stayed in the van, but Scott and Mr. Brooks got out and were standing maybe 20 feet away from these guys. I’m sitting there snapping pictures wondering if Scott could get back in the van, faster than the bear could get to him? Well, Scott threw them our McDonald’s garbage as a peace offering.

This guy looked like he had been eating a little too much McDonalds. Or maybe it was the Heineken…


So thankfully, the only thing that attacked Scott, were the crazy flies that swarmed him and our van as we were driving away!


And just a few of my favourite flower pictures from Mrs. Brooks’ garden. I never appreciated flowers much, until this year…




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  1. oohhhh.... that bear is so beautiful... thought really, he shouldn't be eating McDonalds...hehe...


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