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Fire devours, and fire refines. Fire takes, and fire reveals. Fire hurts, and fire heats. Fire burns, and fire brightens. Fire consumes, and fire purifies. Fire heats our world, and fire grows our plants. Fire powers our water cycle. Fire threatens our forests, and heats our ice caps.

Fire echoes energy throughout the universe, and yet a little spark combusts within a soul to transform an eternity. Fire is an example, and revelation, a tool with which truth has been displayed.

Like a fire, love has purified more souls, more situations, more lives, more circumstances than any other force. Love is like a mighty fire, unstoppable, unquenchable, bright and impossible to ignore.

Like a fire, lust has killed more dreams, stolen more lives, hurt more hearts, and broken more homes than any other force in this universe. Nations have been massacred, men, women, and children enslaved, ages darkened and souls lost, through the devouring power of deceptive lust. Lust has stolen from you as a fire.

Like a fire, truth has brightened the eyes of dark bound slaves. Like a fire it has revealed our chains and shown us escape through a never before seen door. Truth’s fire changes forever. Its scars can never be drowned. Its health can never be corrupted. Like an undying sunlight, truth’s fire has been staring us in the face all through our lives. Accept the truth of the Word of God. His word is as a fire.

Like a fire, the tongues flame has killed many fruitful trees. Its hellish scorch has left forests which were once fruitful and flourishing now beyond recognition. A blackened crisped wasteland that once bore seed to countless thousands of young now sits dead. The sins of the fire of gossip have brought forth death as a fire.

Like a fire, the tongue’s righteous heat has lit the heart of many. The tongue on fire of Heaven has given light to the leaves of the darkened forest. Its sweet song of encouragement has brought the fire of love to the consumed of lust. The tongue on fire of Heaven is as a bright sun, not in contrast to water, but in partnership, bringing forth life for all to enjoy. Fuelling the system of life, your tongue, could save many. Is your tongue on fire of heaven or of hell?

Life is like a fire. Its power is limitless. It times unpredictable. Your life could end in a moment, or shine like the stars forever. It all depends on your life’s fire’s source. Is your life fuelled by the consuming fire of God? Or does it await dissolve by the consuming fire of God?

Salvation is like a fire. It consumes our transgression in a moment, and reveals the refiner’s prize. Forgiveness is as a fire, never able to reveal again that which has been consumed. Let your sins go up in smoke. By all the fire that is within me, I urge you toward my God, for His love is as a mighty fire, and His forgiveness removes all our past. Our God is a consuming fire.



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