Monday, August 10, 2009

Endless Sky and Potty Breaks

I figured that I'd just post our pictures from the weekend over a few days. We took a TON of photos. We saw a miniature village, lakes, fish, frogs, toads, flowers, friends, and even bears...

Yep... you heard right!


And not the tame, caged, zoo type bears... real bears!

Anyhow, I figured that it was only appropriate to begin with our trip there. To North Bay that is... Well, actually... Port Loring.

It amazes me every time we drive across the Canadian shield. Jed loved watching all the trucks, where they were blowing apart the rock to build roads through it.

the potty breaks.

No long drive with children, is complete without potty breaks.
If only it were so easy for the girls...

Note to self:
*Self, Tim Horton's washrooms were not built to accommodate a mother with 7 children*

Oh, I forgot to mention, sleeping children.

Yes, there were lots of sleeping children.
She loves her blanket...

And apparently, she isn't afraid of the dark!

*More to come tomorrow!*


  1. Nana said...Potty breaks are a given with little ones. I only hope dad doesn't use this picture against the boys when they get older LOL. Wow, can't wait to see the bears. That must have been exciting.
    Glad you all had a good trip.
    Love you!!!

  2. It's so easy with boys and their potty breaks. Jakob sometimes go to the "bush"room when in a hurry or when he has no choice. Poor girls have to hold theirs. I think you need a port-a-potty. Hahaha.
    Glad you're all safe.


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