Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Bird's Lesson

While I was skimming through all of the material that I ordered for school this year, I began reading this book. It's a book of "Poems for Memorization." My girls love reading poetry, so I bought it with them in mind. Every poem has a moral we are to glean from it. I think that I may get more from the poems than they will. The first poem that I appreciated... (though I have many more after reading the entire book)
A Bird's Lesson
A little bird with feathers brown,
Sat singing in a tree;
The song was very soft and low,
But sweet as it could be.
And all the people passing by
Looked up to see the bird
Whose singing was the sweetest
That they had ever heard.
But all the bright eyes looked in vain;
As birdie was so small,
And with a modest, dark brown coat,
He made no show at all.
"Dear Papa," little Gracie said,
"Where can this birdie be?
If I could only sing like that,
I'd sit where folks could see."
"I hope my little girl will learn
A lesson from that bird;
And try to do what good she can-
Not to be seen nor heard."
"This birdie is content to sit
Unnoticed by the way,
And sweetly sing his Maker's praise,
From dawn to close of day."
"So live, my child, to do some good,
Let life be short or long;
Though people may forget your looks,
They'll not forget your song."

-Author Unknown




  1. very nice poem ... am teaching my 5 yr old daughter for elocution


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