Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Carson

Yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday” picture, was of Megan’s beautiful little baby boy, Carson.

DSC_0343 copy

She brought him over for a visit, and so naturally, we took some pictures!

My personal favourite…


And let me tell you, that boy can eat! He chugs his bottle like nobody’s business… It made me laugh. And reminded me of how Elijah would always slurp and gulp while I was discreetly trying to nurse him in public… Anyhow!

I am in love with his baby blues…


…and all of his rolls!


Last but not least, and totally just for fun- a behind the scenes look…

DSC_0314 copy

We were trying to get him to hold his head up. To no avail… I was bent over laughing at this point.

I love babies…


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