Monday, August 31, 2009

Back To School!

Today, I survived our first day back to school…

back to school1

More importantly, so did the kids!

back to school2

Just a little FYI… I had absolutely nothing to do with the outfit selections in these photographs. I used to try and make sure that they always matched, and their hair was always done perfectly… I remember looking at other peoples’ kids and thinking “I would NEVER let my child step foot outside the door dressed like that!”

I used to swear off, tacky little character shoes, cartoon shirts, and mismatched socks.

Now, they dress themselves. Even Jeddy… the girls do their own, or eachothers’ hair. Elijah has StarWars sandals, and as you can see from the picture- a Cars shirt. The girls don’t always match. OK, rarely match.

Against my better judgement, I let Prayer choose her own yarn for a hat. So what if it looks like she’s wearing scrambled eggs on her head, right?

yellow hat

Maybe I’m maturing as a mother?… Maybe I’m just too lazy to bother now?…  Either way, the kids are happy!

The girls and I decided to use some leftover fabric, and make our own school bags this year.

DSC_0321 bag2

I was amazed by how simple they were. I think Keona could have probably done them on her own after watching me!

We finally found a pair of shoes that Ella will keep on…

Ella's shoes

She must take after her father. Only the most expensive ones will do! :P She refused to take them off all day. Maybe she’ll decide to walk now!?


And where was Jeddy while all this was going on?

Do I really even have to tell you?

Probably not…

You guessed it!

jed and toad

Now that we made it through the first day of school without killing hurting eachother- I finally got around to cutting the boys’ hair, the kids are all showered and in bed, and now -maybe I can relax.


I could crochet the 10 hats I have orders for, finish the props for the baby photoshoot this weekend, paint our new chest for the livingroom, wash and iron Scott’s dress shirts for the week, find the perfect place in Durham for family portraits, and maybe…. just maybe… have time for a shower myself?…


Sunday, August 30, 2009



Cold, dark, hollow, hungry, old, unending, unchanging, and desirous was my void. That place deep, yet always visible, where my darkest fears lie. Songs cannot penetrate, tears cannot awaken, shock only memory floods of void’s useless place. Emptied I walk. Vainly I smiled. Constantly crying without tears for my pain void designed.

Does emptiness pass? Can uselessness subside? Is there some soothing cure wherewith I shall seal forever the hollow in my soul? Such a cure would command dues beyond place to spend. For there’s naught a man wouldn’t give that his void’s hunger might end!

The grumbling belly of the void man craves. Yet no matter the cost of his fill, it simply cries more and more. For a moment of time, filled he may seem. Yet, in just a few hours, void is he once again. Drink cannot drown it, lies cannot hide, nor lust’s simple pleasures can this truth soon subside. Man’s heart yearns for void’s simple cries to be filled. And, in our mindless crave to find “what makes us happy”, or “what we’ve been looking for”, we never seem to find what it was we were looking for.

Perhaps if I graduate, then I will be happy: or, it could be that job, the money, the man, the mansion, the power, the giving, the spiritual awakening, the child, or fulfilling my dreams. There must be something in life which isn’t simply distraction, one would think. “She’ll fill my void!” She will only remind you how deep it may be, and yet now you have not only your void to fill, but hers as well. Desire is unending. And though we may spend millions in efforts pretending, the simple truth burns through our hearts and minds, that we never can find cure to our void.

It seems planned almost; it’s like a sleeping attack. When life’s at its worst, it rises and we snap. The look in the mirror brings only long tear, as we realize yet once more our vanity. Nothing will fill. Not a simple pleasure fill, nor a height to be reached. Swimming, or slowly drowning, or both, we await the next chance to grab hold of something also sinking.

“Cure me!” I cried, as the mirror stare back. But the figure I saw meant only attack. A self reliance, and self dependence, and self defence, and selfish uselessness reigned from life until what seemed was only awaiting death. But there is hope.

The void is no accident. Your search is not vain. Emptiness is placed in your heart because your heart is truly missing its final piece. That piece is peace. Not the peace that comes from believing a lie, but the peace that remain only when it is given. The hole inside would be whole if you could resign. Allow peace given the take hold of the void, and fill it forever.

For Christ is the Prince of peace.

Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence. – The book of Job 15:31

My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God. – Psalms 84:2

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? – Mark 8:36

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. – Revelation 22:17

If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. – Words of Jesus (John 7:37-38)

Ask Christ to fill that hollow deep void in your soul. And then rest in Him secure, for He is the only cure for our void .



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Friday, August 28, 2009

Call me crazy…

But sometimes, I like to take all 7 of my kids out with me, just to see how many times we can hear, “Boy, you sure have your hands full!” or… “Are they ALL yours????”

DSC_0269 copy

Notice how Ella is looking at her brother?


That girl has some serious attitude!

I only got told how full my hands are- 3 times tonight. Though, that isn’t counting all the wondering whispers and stares that we got. Or how about the guy who jumped in front of us in line at the grocery store?… and then proceeded to apologize and tell me how horrible he felt. (Apparently not horrible enough to move himself to the back of the line!:) Ha… I’ve become use to the questions now, and they don’t bother me nearly as much as they did when I was an insecure 19 year old with 4 kids. Most people honestly, mean well with their questions. Sure…. so asking “Are they TRIPLETS?” May seem like an awfully dumb odd question- seeing that they’re identical. But I’ve realized that most people really are just curious, and trying to strike up a conversation.

Well, except maybe for that lady who said, “If I were you- I’d shoot myself!”


I did say most people.

Once while we were at the mall, and had been stopped for the 156th time to be asked “if they were triplets”- Keona looked up at me and said, “Why does everyone act like they’ve never seen triplets before!?!?” Trying not to laugh at her obviously annoyed state, I asked her if she had ever met triplets other than her sisters before?….Not five minutes later, we passed a double stroller, and while pointing and speaking very loudly, she said, “Oh look, Mom! Twins!!!”

And just incase you didn’t get my sarcasm, I don’t really take my kids out just to put them on display. :) There were a few things that I had to pick up tonight, and taking everyone- was my only option!


Looking at this picture of the boys- I’m thinking that we probably should have picked up some new pants while we were out!



Oh! And if you haven’t already entered the contest for one of my hats- go enter now!

Before it’s too late! :)

green hat copy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!”

Wait a second… my kids aren’t going back to school… I take that back.

Actually, it’s probably the most stressful week of my year. The week before school begins.

For Scott, it has already started. I’m trying to psych myself up to deal with the fact that my hubby will leave Monday morning for school, and we won’t see him again until Friday at dinner time. Well, except to drag him out of bed every morning…and give him a kiss while I hand him his coffee, as he runs out the door. Not exactly, “quality time.”

Then I remind myself that,

“It’s a sad day when a man gives up what he wants most,

for what he wants now.”

One of my favourite quotes. :) And I think about the fact that we’ve already made it through two and a half years of school, what’s one or two more?



Truly, if it wasn’t for God’s grace through all of this, we would have given up a long time ago. But He is always faithful to provide all our needs, exactly when we need them. Whether it be strength for the day, encouragement to keep going, peace of mind to sleep, or just money to pay the bills…

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.
-Romans 5:1-5

Romans 5 is so amazing, I could have pasted the entire chapter in there.

OK… on to something else before I cry again. I’ve been doing a whole lot of crying this week. I blame my returning hormones…


On a much lighter note- our “ginormous” toad has left us. He is no where to be found in our garden or window well. Jeddy bolts out the door every time it opens to look for it. He says, “I miss my fat toad…”

But! Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, he has found a new playmate!

DSC_0199 copy

They are calling it “baby toad.”

toad1 toad2 toad3

*No toads were harmed during the making of this blog post*


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They’re Baaaack!

*Scott’s pictures*

of the girls returning from Camp YES… ;)


DSC_0161_edited-1 DSC_0160 Notice how her hair looks as though it hasn’t been touched by a brush, or comb, or water, all week?… Yeah…. lol

DSC_0155 And we got a clear one!!! Good job, hun! ;)


You can tell that I was totally impressed by him taking all of these blurry pictures while I lugged in suitcases… :P Yikes… I don’t give him that look often. Honest. I hope…

Being the wonderful mother that I am, I went shopping in Walmart on my way to get them, and left my cell phone in the car. When I came back out I had 33 missed calls… Apparently, they arrived sooner than I expected and my husband was trying to have me paged at the store… oops! Thankfully, they were patiently waiting for me at church.

They came back louder than ever, with candy for everyone! Definitely on a sugar high…


A few of their favourite stories from camp…

-They claim that the nurse repeatedly threw people under the water in the pond and even gave one counsellor a nose bleed. All in good fun of course!

I didn’t really want them in the pond… though, I can tell they were in there alot by their “swimsuit tans.”

-Pastor McClain rewrote the words to “Oh, How I Love Jesus”… It became “Oh, how I love popcorn. Oh, how I love popcorn! Oh, how I love popcorn, because it’s so butt-er-ry!

- While riding in a rowboat, Prayer grabbed the rope of another boat to try and pull it back… except that she weighs like 15lbs… So, the other boat, drug her skinny little body into the creek.

Just the type of stories Moms love to hear about camp…

They got to ride horses, play night games, go rock-climbing, go paddle boating, pour their own cereal, and the highlight of their week… bang on the tables while awaiting their meals, while singing, “Come and dine the Master calleth, come and dine!!!”

They now have amazing tans. The triplets are darker than I am. Quite frankly, I’m a little jealous.

But mostly, thankful that they’re back home safe, and our house volume has returned to normal. How I missed their chattery nonsense making me  laugh at dinner time. The boys just don’t like to talk. For some reason, when we’re eating dinner, all they want to do …. is eat!

Anyhow, now we get to spend the week preparing to start school!

The girls are currently standing around me chanting, “School! School! School!”

Think they’re perhaps a little excited?

If only I were as ready as they are…



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Monday, August 24, 2009


My friends over at ME Photography are hosting a giveaway this week for one of my hats!


Size and colour of winner’s choice.

PLUS- they’re throwing in a free 8x10 photo for the winner as well!

All you have to do is hop on over to their blog and leave a witty caption for the picture of Nicole’s adorable little baby girl. You have until this weekend!

Come on guys! Everyone loves FREE STUFF, right!?

green hat copy

 jaclynsignature Go enter now!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Simple Gesture…

Inspired Life {Hats}There are so many people that I have to be thankful for.

I was sitting on my couch crocheting a hat the other night, remembering the day that I learned to crochet. Most of the teen girls in my Sunday School class (over 10 years ago! yikes…) already knew how to, and were working on various projects in between church services. I remember sitting there one afternoon at church, fumbling with the yarn and struggling to get one stitch done. Still being new at church, I was too shy to bother asking for help.

A lady named Mrs. Streeter came over and sat down beside me. She said, “Oh no, you’re doing this all wrong. Here, let me show you…” She took the time that day to teach me how to hold the hook and yarn at the same time, and helped me get started. The next week, she brought me a book with some beginners’ patterns in it and told me which ones to start with. She asked me every once in a while, how my crocheting was going. Even though, I didn’t really take it up then, a few years later, when I found myself pregnant with triplets and in the hospital on bedrest for three weeks… I used that book to make each of my girls a blanket. I held the yarn and hook exactly as she had taught me. It’s amazing, how the smallest gestures, can make such a lasting impression. I remember feeling loved in a place where I felt I didn’t belong, even though I barely knew her. I still have that book to this day.

A few weeks ago, when the Streeters were up visiting, she gave me some ideas for crafts with my girls. She quilts, and knits, and and cross stitches with her many, many, grandchildren now. I’m so thankful that she cared enough, to take a few minutes out of her busy day, to help a shy, awkward, teenager, who was extremely out of her comfort zone, learn how to do something that, at the time, she wasn’t even all that interested in.

Little did she, or I, know at the time- that I would one day have seven kids. Five of them being girls, whom I love to crochet for! :) And that I’d be teaching my oldest daughter to crochet now… I would have thought you had lost your mind, if someone had told me that back then….

And now… well, we’ll see where this goes. It’s a fun hobby anyhow!

Hoping I show my love for others, even in the simplest ways, as she did.

Thank you Mrs. Streeter.


Mom and Dad Polhamus, with the Streeters

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009




Fire devours, and fire refines. Fire takes, and fire reveals. Fire hurts, and fire heats. Fire burns, and fire brightens. Fire consumes, and fire purifies. Fire heats our world, and fire grows our plants. Fire powers our water cycle. Fire threatens our forests, and heats our ice caps.

Fire echoes energy throughout the universe, and yet a little spark combusts within a soul to transform an eternity. Fire is an example, and revelation, a tool with which truth has been displayed.

Like a fire, love has purified more souls, more situations, more lives, more circumstances than any other force. Love is like a mighty fire, unstoppable, unquenchable, bright and impossible to ignore.

Like a fire, lust has killed more dreams, stolen more lives, hurt more hearts, and broken more homes than any other force in this universe. Nations have been massacred, men, women, and children enslaved, ages darkened and souls lost, through the devouring power of deceptive lust. Lust has stolen from you as a fire.

Like a fire, truth has brightened the eyes of dark bound slaves. Like a fire it has revealed our chains and shown us escape through a never before seen door. Truth’s fire changes forever. Its scars can never be drowned. Its health can never be corrupted. Like an undying sunlight, truth’s fire has been staring us in the face all through our lives. Accept the truth of the Word of God. His word is as a fire.

Like a fire, the tongues flame has killed many fruitful trees. Its hellish scorch has left forests which were once fruitful and flourishing now beyond recognition. A blackened crisped wasteland that once bore seed to countless thousands of young now sits dead. The sins of the fire of gossip have brought forth death as a fire.

Like a fire, the tongue’s righteous heat has lit the heart of many. The tongue on fire of Heaven has given light to the leaves of the darkened forest. Its sweet song of encouragement has brought the fire of love to the consumed of lust. The tongue on fire of Heaven is as a bright sun, not in contrast to water, but in partnership, bringing forth life for all to enjoy. Fuelling the system of life, your tongue, could save many. Is your tongue on fire of heaven or of hell?

Life is like a fire. Its power is limitless. It times unpredictable. Your life could end in a moment, or shine like the stars forever. It all depends on your life’s fire’s source. Is your life fuelled by the consuming fire of God? Or does it await dissolve by the consuming fire of God?

Salvation is like a fire. It consumes our transgression in a moment, and reveals the refiner’s prize. Forgiveness is as a fire, never able to reveal again that which has been consumed. Let your sins go up in smoke. By all the fire that is within me, I urge you toward my God, for His love is as a mighty fire, and His forgiveness removes all our past. Our God is a consuming fire.



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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Bird's Lesson

While I was skimming through all of the material that I ordered for school this year, I began reading this book. It's a book of "Poems for Memorization." My girls love reading poetry, so I bought it with them in mind. Every poem has a moral we are to glean from it. I think that I may get more from the poems than they will. The first poem that I appreciated... (though I have many more after reading the entire book)
A Bird's Lesson
A little bird with feathers brown,
Sat singing in a tree;
The song was very soft and low,
But sweet as it could be.
And all the people passing by
Looked up to see the bird
Whose singing was the sweetest
That they had ever heard.
But all the bright eyes looked in vain;
As birdie was so small,
And with a modest, dark brown coat,
He made no show at all.
"Dear Papa," little Gracie said,
"Where can this birdie be?
If I could only sing like that,
I'd sit where folks could see."
"I hope my little girl will learn
A lesson from that bird;
And try to do what good she can-
Not to be seen nor heard."
"This birdie is content to sit
Unnoticed by the way,
And sweetly sing his Maker's praise,
From dawn to close of day."
"So live, my child, to do some good,
Let life be short or long;
Though people may forget your looks,
They'll not forget your song."

-Author Unknown



Baby Carson

Yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday” picture, was of Megan’s beautiful little baby boy, Carson.

DSC_0343 copy

She brought him over for a visit, and so naturally, we took some pictures!

My personal favourite…


And let me tell you, that boy can eat! He chugs his bottle like nobody’s business… It made me laugh. And reminded me of how Elijah would always slurp and gulp while I was discreetly trying to nurse him in public… Anyhow!

I am in love with his baby blues…


…and all of his rolls!


Last but not least, and totally just for fun- a behind the scenes look…

DSC_0314 copy

We were trying to get him to hold his head up. To no avail… I was bent over laughing at this point.

I love babies…



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