Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting for the Rainbow

As they say,
"When it rains- it pours."

That is certainly what it has felt like lately. Though, even through everything that has been going on around us, and in our home, we see little glimmers of light, and are reminded of God's love, and His grace toward us.

We saw our neighbour Georgina, who is a 68 year old widow from Romania, trust Christ as her saviour two weeks ago. We've seen her excited about coming out to church with us, and bringing her grandson with her. (one of Keona's friends.) We've seen her in God's word daily, and anxious to get the Bible in Romanian and learn more. She is the wonderful lady, who has helped me garden all year. Who waters my poor, parched soil. She weeds and prunes my over-grown garden... Yet, she has her own struggles, as she watches her son go through a divorce, and her grandsons be pulled back and forth between their parents. She's hurting, and yet she is such a blessing.

It's so easy to forget how blessed we are. How truly minuscule our troubles are, in comparison to others'.

I'm reminded by the simple things that I am so privileged to enjoy each day.

For instance, my children...
They always make me smile.

While cutting the boys' hair tonight...
(they really needed a hair cut!)
Elijah said,
"Mom, once... I touched Dad's shaver and tried to shave my face.
I cut my lip.
I didn't tell you, cause I figured that a bleeding lip, was enough punishment."

How could you not smile?


  1. Nana said...Ella looks like she likes the water.
    Elijah...Um, they seem to always tell on them selves sooner or later. It's funny Scott and Nadine used to just start talking and the things I found out were quite surprising. LOL!!!

  2. You are so right....our troubles are really so small compared to some and thank God for the rainbows! your kids always make me smile too!
    Love you all

  3. PaPa says
    "No rain / No flowers"
    I love the flowers!
    "No rain / No rainbow"
    Praise God for the rain!
    We are praying for your rainbow.


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