Friday, July 24, 2009



I sneak in and watch as my children breath deeply, snoring peacefully in the night. I watch the beauty of this life, my sweet wife, as she stretches out like a big baby, enjoying her rest in sleep. What could we have possibly done to deserve such sweet, peaceful, fulfilling, rest?

A horn cries out in the street and a rushing motorist squeals through an intersection, hurried to a destination. He curses the inconvenience of a child attempting to cross, slowing his well important way. Don’t the people of this world realize, he’s late for his life? What could we have possibly done to deserve such a rushed, sober-less, tired, sorry existence?

Somewhere a young child rests in the bosom of her mother. Impoverished by the real world, stricken by violence about, that mother holds her only gem of this life in her arms, feverishly attempting to save her from humanity. Predators lurk in the night: beasts, spirits, and men alike, seeking to rob her child of that sweet peaceful rest which only this dear mother can supply. That mother dare not sleep, as she huddles away in that dark corner, lest her fears be realized. What could she have possibly done to deserve such a poor, forgotten, helpless estate?

Somewhere a slave lay awake dreading the dawn. Somewhere near a hospital bed, a parent watches to see if their child will see tomorrow. Somewhere right this moment, a child cowers in the corner fearing their father. Somewhere a baby screams out in the night hungry to the point of death, unable to rest for the pain. As you read this very word, someone sits up in the night, staring off into the distance, dealing with the loss of their spouse, child, friend, family member.

And you have it hard? And you have it bad? Because you have to work for a living, to make more in an hour than half the world makes in a week? Oh its just so bad, because you have to settle for house with 2 more bedrooms than you have people living there? Because you can’t fit all of your cars in the garage, you would complain? Because you are tired, you bark at grace? You know not tire. You know not pain. You have not bled to eat.

Go in this moment, or go in your mind from the past, to the bed where your children sleep, and enjoy the sweet sight of delight, for you have been given great rest.

What have you done to deserve such a fulfilling, safe, quiet, choice-filled, healthy, peaceful life.


But for the purposes of God, you too, should face such as those less fortunate.

May we do that, which we have been called by our circumstances to do beyond all else, let us give thanks.

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name. (Heb 13:15)

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  1. Nana said...WOW!! Great thoughts Scott. We do need to be thankful for where we are and what we have.
    I love you. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Scott - we do need to be so much more thankful than we are!

  3. This is amazing Scott! Made me think long and hard about life. Made me thankful for everything I have.



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