Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Tea Party

On Saturday, Keona had her 9th birthday party. Well, she actually just called it a tea party, and we stole the idea from her friend,of making it a "no present party." Which worked out perfectly... as none of our kids need more stuff. :)
You'd thnk that being a "Tea party" and all- that they'd be all girly and proper...

Nope! They ran around outside playing "Jedi" the whole time...
It was quite hilarious to watch.

More weekend pictures to come... including the kids dancing in the rain that flooded our laundry room!


  1. Nana said...I can't believe Keona is 9 years old. I remember her daddy at 9...LOL we won't go there.

    The cake looks beautiful as always Jaclyn. I am sure it is a day they will never forget.

  2. Gorgeous - the cake and the girls! Nana is right... I can remember when Mommy was 9 and it doesn't seem that long ago!


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