Thursday, July 9, 2009

So I Lied...

I was going to blog about VBS tonight, but instead, I'm going to do a belated birthday post to my girls.
The cake I made.
They each requested a different flavour, so one layer was chocolate, one vanilla, and the smallest one was lemon. When I cut the cake, they all wanted lemon....

Charity, you remind me of your Dad. You are probably the most determined child we have. As an example of her determination, she rode her bike around our path here, 100 times today. All because Scott told her that he'd give her a licorice if she did. I love how you still run to give me a hug and kiss every night, and how you sung "Happy birthday to me!" before blowing out your candles. I love you. Happy birthday hun.

Eve, you remind me of me... and that scares me sometimes. You're one tough cookie. You can be mouthy at times, unfortunately that's usually when you remind me of me. You could run our house if you had to. Your love for music has really blossomed this year. It has been a joy to watch you grow, and it inspires me. I wish you hadn't tried to tune your own violin and snapped the "G" string... but none the less... I love you. Happy Birthday.

Prayer, I think you're a mix of your dad and I on speed. You are always smiling, and your laugh is contagious. Sometimes, we don't even know why you're laughing, but I know who to go to when I need a smile. I'm convinced that you "act" dense just to make us laugh. Especially considering the fact that you had the highest grades in school this year, with a 94% average. I'm proud of you, and I love you. Happy birthday.
Yes... Happy birthday, to my three, beautiful, 7 year olds!

I tried to get some other pictures of them... but they spent all day running around outside, looking like "filthy, little, ragamuffins." So this is my only picture. But they had fun!

That sounds crazy to me! Seven?! Really??? It seems like yesterday, that I was in the hospital on bedrest for two weeks begging that Dr. to get you out! I wouldn't trade the experience and privilege of being blessed with triplets- for anything. You are a blessing.

I felt a bit bad that their party was so rushed, and that they spent the morning at home without us on their birthday, but even though I didn't clean the house, and all we made was hamburgers and hot dogs.... according to them, it was "the best birthday ever!" Or as they told a friend of mine, "Our party was AWESOME!" I pray they'll always be so easy to please...

Thanks to everyone who came over and made their day special.

And thanks to Grandma, for driving everyone around in her new car... the old- fashioned gangster mobile. ;)


  1. It is hard to believe that your babies are 7 already! I love your descriptions of them - so true! We love all of you and we know that each birthday will be another great adventure!

  2. That is a gorgeous cake. I really want to take a cake decorating class very soon. I also want to take a photography class. Looks like we have some common interests. Your girls are beautiful. I can't imagine how hard having triplets would be when they are newborns but how fun as they get older!

  3. Nana said... Wow! 7 already! It seems like yesterday that they were so tiny, like 3 little dolls for Keona. Now they are such wonderful companions.
    The picture is great and I love your discription of them too.
    I love you girls!


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