Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rejoicing, and still waiting...

The last four days have been quite interesting, to say the least.

Last Wednesday, I found out that my Nikon D60 isn't compatible with auto focus lenses. Not to go into too much technical detail... but the gist of it is, the lenses my camera needed, were going to be twice as much as the regular ones.


I was a little bit shocked, as the earlier models (D50 & D70) had the auto focus built in. Anyhow, I went with Scott's suggestion, and was going to sell my D60 to upgrade to a D90... On Saturday, (after a wonderful afternoon with the seniors, accident free I might add!) we stopped at Future Shop and picked up my new camera. On Sunday, we took photos of my D60 to list it for sale, and when I went to put the memory card in... it wouldn't go in!

I loved that camera, and cared for it like a baby. It had never been so much as bumped the wrong way! Thankfully, it still has over a year of warranty left on it, supposing that I can find the receipt! A couple hundred documents later, still no receipt.

Since then, my computer lost all of it's red colouring (think, everything is green and blue) the TV starting flickering, my laundry room floor was covered in water, my washer broke (as in, CLUNKED and then smoked, and smelt like burnt rubber) I figured that my washer was leaking, my kitchen floor was buckling, found my cupboard under the sink flooded, our R.O. system was leaking, and when Scott picked up the 5kg box of dishwasher soap, the bottom fell out and the soap crystals went everywhere! Five minutes AFTER he was supposed to leave for work, after running my camera out to Mississauga to be fixed this morning. As I sat there cleaning up the soap, I said to Keona, "What is your favourite verse again?"

"Rejoice in the Lord ALWAY: and again I say, Rejoice."

Ah, yes.


"Keona, can you go put on some good music? Lets sing and clean up..."

Definitely not what I felt like doing, But exactly what I needed to do.

An hour of cleaning, and a horrid rash later, we were finished, and Papa was here to fix the R.O. system.

Apparently, he couldn't find anything wrong. He changed the leaking part, but couldn't find any fault with it. Atleast it wasn't leaking anymore! Then, he went to look at the washer for us. Unplugged it, plugged it back in... and it started!


I tried that last night, this morning, and this afternoon... to no avail. So, I asked him if he could turn on my computer, and maybe just touch my TV... ha. It didn't work... :(

But after figuring that it was going to $400 to fix the washer like last time, I'm pretty thankful to be doing laundry tonight!
(NEVER thought that I'd say that!)

By the way, anyone want to buy a Nikon D60?
We've got the reciept and there's still over a year of warranty left! ;)


Oooh, and my new plants... my indoor plants have become an obsession. My neighbour has me as addicted to gardening as she is! Well, not quite. Not enough to be out there at midnight with her, pouring salt on all the slugs that are eating our leaves!

Can't wait to find spots for all my baby plants!

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  1. i do not know where you find the time to keep up on your Blog but it is truely amazing. By the way I love the video camera, thank you very much.. but now I am wondering how much you want for the D60?? please lt me know send me a message on FB if you like , love yuo all have a great day.


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