Thursday, July 30, 2009


This morning, I woke up and begrudgingly crawled out of bed. I headed downstairs before the kids to tidy up, and catch a few moments of peace to read and check my email. Now that I have to go downstairs to turn my computer on, I did that- and the pile of laundry on the playroom floor called out to me. I ignored it... On my way back, it called me again. This time, I gave in. As I quickly went to switch the loads, I found a blue marker in my laundry basket, with no lid on it, under a wet towel, sitting on top of Scott's dress shirts. I'm sure you can imagine what I saw next. Huge blue stains, on everything.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I called the kids downstairs to clean up all the craft stuff?

Being that they are my children, they often try to find a short cut around cleaning up. Markers and wet laundry, along with dad's dress clothes, don't go well together.

Then things just went downhill from there. Or downstairs, I should say. Literally. I fell down an entire flight of stairs... with Ella in my arms. Or hand, anyways. I fell, she fell, and I caught her by a leg, before she hit her head on the floor. I think I bruised my tailbone. But more alarmingly, Ella wouldn't put her right leg down. She would just stand there like a flamingo, and fall and cry when she tried to bare weight on it.

Two hours at the Dr.'s, 4 x-rays, and no results later, we were back home. Now, she has a bruised and swollen knee. But I was reassured by a trusted friend (who also happens to be a wonderful Dr.) That babies rarely break bones, "they're like rubber- they bounce." So now we wait, and hope she is less flamingo-like tomorrow.
Not that she lacked any attention ...

Just for the record, I've never ever fallen while carrying any of my kids before. (Even when I used to carry three at a time, up and down the stairs several times a day) Hopefully, it will never happen again!


  1. Oh no!! Poor baby! I hope her knee is feeling better soon.

  2. I've fallen only once as well! carrying Nevaeh....and to try and break her fall, my camera got hurt in the process. The choice between my two babies lol I think I made the right choice.....even though it was my 50mm lens! ha!

  3. oh no, I hope she is ok. That is so scarey and be thankful that is was not worse. Hope you have a happy and safe weekend1


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