Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I think we're at the wrong place...

Today, I decided that I was going to take the kids out tonight. I wanted to do something other than a park, so I told the kids that we'd go for a walk on the beach. My neighbour told me about this spot with swans and chipmunks, where she goes fishing. I thought that I knew where she meant so off we went! As I was driving down a road that said "no exit" I could see the lake, so I figured we were in the right place, and I parked. I got all six big kids out, pulled out the huge stroller, got Ella into the stroller, loaded my purse, camera bag, and diaper bag, along with our umbrella into the back and started to walk toward the water. We got about 10 feet when I saw these very crazy shady looking men sitting on a bench right where we had to walk. Something told me this wasn't a good idea. Then, I saw a sign. A big, huge, sign that I can't believe I missed while driving down the street...

"Whitby Mental Health Institution"


I calmly told all the kids that we were at the wrong spot, and had to drive a little further down. So I got all six big kids back into the car, stuck a very upset and now screaming Ella back into her carseat, unloaded my purse, camera bag, diaper bag, and umbrella from the stroller, and folded it up. As I was trying to fit it back into the trunk, the crazy shady-looking guys started screaming! They were all yelling at eachother and getting up off the bench. Of course, the trunk wouldn't shut, and I fumbled with the stroller. Finally, I slammed the trunk door and bumped it with my hip, hoping it would stay shut, while I hopped into the van and quickly locked the doors.

Just as I turned the keys to start it up, Keona says, "Look Mom! That guy just kicked the other guy! They're fighting! Why are they fighting???"

"I've never seen anything like that before..."

And that is what happens when MOM takes the kids exploring...
So, instead of going to the Mental Health Institution Shoreline (or whatever it was called!) we went back to the pier, where we always go. Thankfully, no crazy people. Just lots of older couples, ooo'ing and awww'ing over my kids.
Only two, "Are they ALL yours???" tonight... :)
My kids did manage to find a toad being washed in by the tide. Not just any toad. A big, fat, bumpy, ugly toad! They wanted to bring him home.
I said "NO." Elijah nearly gave me a heart attack in the van on the way home, when he announced that he had a toad in his pocket! He likes doing things like that to me. I think I should probably stop reacting... He finds it hilarious apparently...

"Oh, you brought the toad home? How wonderful! I've always wanted a big, fat, ugly TOAD in my van!"

Yes, that's what I'll say next time...
I'm sure there will be a next time...

Another attempt to get a picture of all 7 kids, and once again, it isn't a "picture perfect" moment... but I love it!


*Ugh! I just went down to change the laundry and realized that I had forgotten to turn the dryer on! I hate when I forget to turn the dryer on! Please tell me that I`m not the only one who does this...*


  1. I ALWAYS forget to turn the dryer on!!

  2. Oh my.... exploring, sounds like fun and yes, I forget to turn the dryer on too!

  3. HA HA HA HA...
    Sorry, can't stop laughing at this post...
    HA HA HA HA...

  4. What a gorgeous family you have!!

  5. I have done that several times...switch the laundry and by the time the washer is set I walk away and completely forget to push the button on the dryer. Sigh...yeah...very frustrating.

  6. That is actually a nice beach--by the mental health centre:) It is usually mostly empty....ha!!! generally the "patients" stay away....try it again sometime with Scott maybe!!


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