Monday, July 20, 2009

i heart faces

I mean... feet.

Actually, anyone who knows me, knows that I detest feet. My babies changed that slightly. As in, I love chubby little baby and toddler toes. When I saw my son sitting on the step, moping, with his ripped up jeans (no, he is not making a fashion statement. They are actually worn right out. How boys do this so quickly, I will never understand!) well, I couldn't resist taking a photo of his dirt-covered, little boy toes.


  1. i really like this one! the black and white is great!

  2. very cute! I love feet so so much!

  3. I concur....I also have 7 children...and I have learned to appreciate the cute little feet of my babies. And, my boys have many jeans that look just like those. It's not the jeans that's the heart, as I like to think! I like your pic!

  4. I really like your header picture on your blog! So beauitful and what a precious family!

    I also love your feet photo. Great angle

  5. Wow - that really captures "boy!" Fantastic photo! It's my favorite of all the entries this week!


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