Friday, July 24, 2009

I Hate Surprises... Usually...

I have some catching up to do, as I didn't spend last night blogging and editing pictures like I planned to... Instead, I was getting beat on at Scrabble by Scott, and watching a good ole action movie, whilst eating half a pizza. Did I say half? Cause I actually just meant a piece... or two...

I know that I brag on my hubby every once in a while, but sometimes I just can't help it!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a kiss on the cheek, and Scott saying, "There is a surprise downstairs..."

As much as I don't like surprises, I was slightly intrigued wondering what it could be. I figured that it was probably my favourite chocolate bar, or a new plant, waiting for me on the counter. As he does those thoughtful little things quite often.

I was wrong. He had actually bought my birthday present for me a month early. What an awesome surprise! I think I realized that the reason I don't like surprises... is because I'm a control freak. Anyhow, as if that wasn't enough already... We had a fun day playing MarioKart with the kids. I baked and decorated Keona's birthday cake. I made a lasagna for dinner, which Scott packed in his lunch, and he left for work. About an hour later, the door opened and I was thinking, who in the world is here at this time? Then I heard the kids shouting, "Hi Dad!!!!" Apparently, he booked the night off and never told me. So, he had bought us snacks and rented movies, so that we could have a date night.

It would have been perfect, if he hadn't beaten me by over 150 points at Scrabble...

Just for the record- I love him.


Back to catching up!

Wednesday morning during nap time for the little ones, the big kids and I, went to the "rocket" park. We met up with Natasha and her two kids, so that I could take pictures of them. This is by far, the best park I've ever seen. Probably the busiest, too! It was pretty much impossible to keep track of all the kids.

Natasha has two adorable little kids, and one on the way.

There's Alex... ...who was a total ham!

And Cailyn, who wasn't too sure of me, or my giant camera!

She's still adorable, smiles or not!

After the park, we dropped Elijah off at his friend's house for a playdate, and picked Sarah up from the GO station. She spent the afternoon with us, playing lego with the kids. That night, we were going to drop her off at the station again, but decided that since we had half an hour to kill, that we'd take the kids to another park! They were beyond excited. Two parks in one day is unheard of! Atleast in our house...

Of course with all the swings and slides... my monkey would rather climb a tree...

Sarah got a workout...

And I even managed to sneak in a picture of all of them before we left.

Everyone was ready to crash by 8pm that night. Including me!

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