Sunday, July 12, 2009

I. Am. Tired.

Yes, though tired doesn't quite seem to say it.

We started cleaning out our basement two weeks ago. I really should have taken a "before" picture. But I didn't. Even one from this morning, when the entire floor was covered by books- would have been sufficient. Ah well, who wants to see my messy basement anyhow!? I spent the entire day today, cleaning out our storage room. I turned 16 bins of clothing into 8. I got rid of 4 carseats. I still have 2 booster seats down there if anyone is interested! Along with a double stroller that we no longer need.

Oh, if you could have seen all the junk we got rid of...

We turned the storage room, into what the kids are now calling their "library." Keona is the proud new librarian. I think I'm going to have them do some artwork for the walls. The whole purpose of all of this, is so that we have enough space to keep school in the basement this year. My neighbour saw all the stuff outside, and asked if we were moving! Nope... not yet.

Thankfully, I had my little (big) brother here today to be my muscles. It would have taken me forever to do all the lifting and moving on my own. Especially since I know have a slightly handicapped husband. OK, so he isn't really handicapped, he just has a hernia and isn't supposed to lift anything heavy until after his surgery... in September! Easier said than done.

Hopefully, only one or two more days of work, and the basement will be finished. Tomorrow, we move more stuff...

Tonight, I sew. The new fabric we picked up for 50% off, is calling my name! :)

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  1. I love your library - it will be an extra special basement when all is done


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