Monday, July 27, 2009

Dancing in the rain...

When we began to prepare for Keona's party, she wanted to plan it down to every last detail. She asked me if I would make her an invitation. She drew me a quick sketch of what she wanted and I created it...

(address and phone number blurred out for blogging purposes, of course!)

She was so pleased with how it turned out! She couldn't wait to hand out her creation to her friends... Being the wonderfully organized mother that I am, I completely forgot to print the invites! Well, I printed one... but forgot to photocopy it, and ended up calling moms the week of the party to make sure their children could come! Don't you just hate last minute invites like that!


Keona prayed all week, that they would be able to play outside, and that it wouldn't rain. (Thunderstorms were forecasted) They played outside for a good chunk of the party, and didn't come in until they were tired out and ready for cake. Then, it began to rain. As it does every year on Keona's party. She was so thankful that it held off until after the party.

I think she was threatening my camera with her light-saber here...

Once everyone had left, our kids had some more fun...

Running, jumping, and splashing in the rain!

Except for Jeddy. he stood on the porch and watched.

It rained again on Sunday, while we were coming home from church.

Elijah- "I don't want to get my nice church clothes wet... It's OK! I'll just dodge all the rain drops!"

Once inside the door- "Ahhh... I missed them all except for 10!!!"

I think he may have miscounted slightly.

Reminds me of ...

Oh, nevermind!

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  1. great pictures... your kids sure love the rain (just like Mommy) and has Elijah been listening to Great-Grandpa.... he always told us as kids that all we had to do was run between the drops!


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