Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back To VBS

Well, not exactly back to VBS... just back to my VBS post.

What an awesome week. This was our first year, where we didn't have a little baby, or I wasn't pregnant, and we were actually able to go. We helped out with the grade one and two group. That age is hilarious. The things that these kids say... they have no "filter" yet, (as in everything they think just comes right out) so we heard some interesting stories. One little boy, told me that taking medicine is the same thing as doing drugs. Hmmm...

These guys, had a blast in the auditorium. With everything from the "penny contest"...

...to singing the song where we "bark like seal, run like a caribou, and freeze to the colour blue." It did get quite noisy at times. Think 200 kids yelling singing as loud as they possibly can. I have never sang so loud in my life.

See, I was a Penguin, and Scott was a Polar Bear... and you know how competitive we can get.

Don't tell him, but I gave extra pennies to my kids on the penguin team.... ;)

Oh, and the Penguins won. Incase you were wondering...

Other than the kid running headfirst into a mail box, and little girl stepping on a pin... It went pretty smoothly, for having 63 grade one and two kids all together.

Such cuties!

I'm so thankful that we were given the opportunity to have a part in this year's vacation Bible school.

The best part?
On Friday, 29 children came to know Christ as their Saviour!

Now I understand why my kids talk about it non-stop.
I'm already looking forward to next year!


I started my sewing last night, and I'll only talk about last night...since the dress that I attempted tonight, was a complete and utter failure.
At least Ella's tutu turned out alright!

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  1. VBS sounds great ( okay, except for the noise).
    Don't worry about the one dress.... they can't all work out - you make wonderful creations and all with no training or teaching! Did you make the tutu???Oh my... crawling around outside, will it last?


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