Thursday, July 30, 2009


This morning, I woke up and begrudgingly crawled out of bed. I headed downstairs before the kids to tidy up, and catch a few moments of peace to read and check my email. Now that I have to go downstairs to turn my computer on, I did that- and the pile of laundry on the playroom floor called out to me. I ignored it... On my way back, it called me again. This time, I gave in. As I quickly went to switch the loads, I found a blue marker in my laundry basket, with no lid on it, under a wet towel, sitting on top of Scott's dress shirts. I'm sure you can imagine what I saw next. Huge blue stains, on everything.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I called the kids downstairs to clean up all the craft stuff?

Being that they are my children, they often try to find a short cut around cleaning up. Markers and wet laundry, along with dad's dress clothes, don't go well together.

Then things just went downhill from there. Or downstairs, I should say. Literally. I fell down an entire flight of stairs... with Ella in my arms. Or hand, anyways. I fell, she fell, and I caught her by a leg, before she hit her head on the floor. I think I bruised my tailbone. But more alarmingly, Ella wouldn't put her right leg down. She would just stand there like a flamingo, and fall and cry when she tried to bare weight on it.

Two hours at the Dr.'s, 4 x-rays, and no results later, we were back home. Now, she has a bruised and swollen knee. But I was reassured by a trusted friend (who also happens to be a wonderful Dr.) That babies rarely break bones, "they're like rubber- they bounce." So now we wait, and hope she is less flamingo-like tomorrow.
Not that she lacked any attention ...

Just for the record, I've never ever fallen while carrying any of my kids before. (Even when I used to carry three at a time, up and down the stairs several times a day) Hopefully, it will never happen again!

Wordless Wednesday - on Thursday...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday!

big sister
best friend
child of God


girly- girl

Daddy's girl
mom's helper
joyful spirit
willing servant



Truth seeking
God loving
earnest praying

I couldn't be more proud of you.

I love you.

Happy 9th birthday hun!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I think we're at the wrong place...

Today, I decided that I was going to take the kids out tonight. I wanted to do something other than a park, so I told the kids that we'd go for a walk on the beach. My neighbour told me about this spot with swans and chipmunks, where she goes fishing. I thought that I knew where she meant so off we went! As I was driving down a road that said "no exit" I could see the lake, so I figured we were in the right place, and I parked. I got all six big kids out, pulled out the huge stroller, got Ella into the stroller, loaded my purse, camera bag, and diaper bag, along with our umbrella into the back and started to walk toward the water. We got about 10 feet when I saw these very crazy shady looking men sitting on a bench right where we had to walk. Something told me this wasn't a good idea. Then, I saw a sign. A big, huge, sign that I can't believe I missed while driving down the street...

"Whitby Mental Health Institution"


I calmly told all the kids that we were at the wrong spot, and had to drive a little further down. So I got all six big kids back into the car, stuck a very upset and now screaming Ella back into her carseat, unloaded my purse, camera bag, diaper bag, and umbrella from the stroller, and folded it up. As I was trying to fit it back into the trunk, the crazy shady-looking guys started screaming! They were all yelling at eachother and getting up off the bench. Of course, the trunk wouldn't shut, and I fumbled with the stroller. Finally, I slammed the trunk door and bumped it with my hip, hoping it would stay shut, while I hopped into the van and quickly locked the doors.

Just as I turned the keys to start it up, Keona says, "Look Mom! That guy just kicked the other guy! They're fighting! Why are they fighting???"

"I've never seen anything like that before..."

And that is what happens when MOM takes the kids exploring...
So, instead of going to the Mental Health Institution Shoreline (or whatever it was called!) we went back to the pier, where we always go. Thankfully, no crazy people. Just lots of older couples, ooo'ing and awww'ing over my kids.
Only two, "Are they ALL yours???" tonight... :)
My kids did manage to find a toad being washed in by the tide. Not just any toad. A big, fat, bumpy, ugly toad! They wanted to bring him home.
I said "NO." Elijah nearly gave me a heart attack in the van on the way home, when he announced that he had a toad in his pocket! He likes doing things like that to me. I think I should probably stop reacting... He finds it hilarious apparently...

"Oh, you brought the toad home? How wonderful! I've always wanted a big, fat, ugly TOAD in my van!"

Yes, that's what I'll say next time...
I'm sure there will be a next time...

Another attempt to get a picture of all 7 kids, and once again, it isn't a "picture perfect" moment... but I love it!


*Ugh! I just went down to change the laundry and realized that I had forgotten to turn the dryer on! I hate when I forget to turn the dryer on! Please tell me that I`m not the only one who does this...*

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dancing in the rain...

When we began to prepare for Keona's party, she wanted to plan it down to every last detail. She asked me if I would make her an invitation. She drew me a quick sketch of what she wanted and I created it...

(address and phone number blurred out for blogging purposes, of course!)

She was so pleased with how it turned out! She couldn't wait to hand out her creation to her friends... Being the wonderfully organized mother that I am, I completely forgot to print the invites! Well, I printed one... but forgot to photocopy it, and ended up calling moms the week of the party to make sure their children could come! Don't you just hate last minute invites like that!


Keona prayed all week, that they would be able to play outside, and that it wouldn't rain. (Thunderstorms were forecasted) They played outside for a good chunk of the party, and didn't come in until they were tired out and ready for cake. Then, it began to rain. As it does every year on Keona's party. She was so thankful that it held off until after the party.

I think she was threatening my camera with her light-saber here...

Once everyone had left, our kids had some more fun...

Running, jumping, and splashing in the rain!

Except for Jeddy. he stood on the porch and watched.

It rained again on Sunday, while we were coming home from church.

Elijah- "I don't want to get my nice church clothes wet... It's OK! I'll just dodge all the rain drops!"

Once inside the door- "Ahhh... I missed them all except for 10!!!"

I think he may have miscounted slightly.

Reminds me of ...

Oh, nevermind!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Tea Party

On Saturday, Keona had her 9th birthday party. Well, she actually just called it a tea party, and we stole the idea from her friend,of making it a "no present party." Which worked out perfectly... as none of our kids need more stuff. :)
You'd thnk that being a "Tea party" and all- that they'd be all girly and proper...

Nope! They ran around outside playing "Jedi" the whole time...
It was quite hilarious to watch.

More weekend pictures to come... including the kids dancing in the rain that flooded our laundry room!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Hate Surprises... Usually...

I have some catching up to do, as I didn't spend last night blogging and editing pictures like I planned to... Instead, I was getting beat on at Scrabble by Scott, and watching a good ole action movie, whilst eating half a pizza. Did I say half? Cause I actually just meant a piece... or two...

I know that I brag on my hubby every once in a while, but sometimes I just can't help it!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a kiss on the cheek, and Scott saying, "There is a surprise downstairs..."

As much as I don't like surprises, I was slightly intrigued wondering what it could be. I figured that it was probably my favourite chocolate bar, or a new plant, waiting for me on the counter. As he does those thoughtful little things quite often.

I was wrong. He had actually bought my birthday present for me a month early. What an awesome surprise! I think I realized that the reason I don't like surprises... is because I'm a control freak. Anyhow, as if that wasn't enough already... We had a fun day playing MarioKart with the kids. I baked and decorated Keona's birthday cake. I made a lasagna for dinner, which Scott packed in his lunch, and he left for work. About an hour later, the door opened and I was thinking, who in the world is here at this time? Then I heard the kids shouting, "Hi Dad!!!!" Apparently, he booked the night off and never told me. So, he had bought us snacks and rented movies, so that we could have a date night.

It would have been perfect, if he hadn't beaten me by over 150 points at Scrabble...

Just for the record- I love him.


Back to catching up!

Wednesday morning during nap time for the little ones, the big kids and I, went to the "rocket" park. We met up with Natasha and her two kids, so that I could take pictures of them. This is by far, the best park I've ever seen. Probably the busiest, too! It was pretty much impossible to keep track of all the kids.

Natasha has two adorable little kids, and one on the way.

There's Alex... ...who was a total ham!

And Cailyn, who wasn't too sure of me, or my giant camera!

She's still adorable, smiles or not!

After the park, we dropped Elijah off at his friend's house for a playdate, and picked Sarah up from the GO station. She spent the afternoon with us, playing lego with the kids. That night, we were going to drop her off at the station again, but decided that since we had half an hour to kill, that we'd take the kids to another park! They were beyond excited. Two parks in one day is unheard of! Atleast in our house...

Of course with all the swings and slides... my monkey would rather climb a tree...

Sarah got a workout...

And I even managed to sneak in a picture of all of them before we left.

Everyone was ready to crash by 8pm that night. Including me!



I sneak in and watch as my children breath deeply, snoring peacefully in the night. I watch the beauty of this life, my sweet wife, as she stretches out like a big baby, enjoying her rest in sleep. What could we have possibly done to deserve such sweet, peaceful, fulfilling, rest?

A horn cries out in the street and a rushing motorist squeals through an intersection, hurried to a destination. He curses the inconvenience of a child attempting to cross, slowing his well important way. Don’t the people of this world realize, he’s late for his life? What could we have possibly done to deserve such a rushed, sober-less, tired, sorry existence?

Somewhere a young child rests in the bosom of her mother. Impoverished by the real world, stricken by violence about, that mother holds her only gem of this life in her arms, feverishly attempting to save her from humanity. Predators lurk in the night: beasts, spirits, and men alike, seeking to rob her child of that sweet peaceful rest which only this dear mother can supply. That mother dare not sleep, as she huddles away in that dark corner, lest her fears be realized. What could she have possibly done to deserve such a poor, forgotten, helpless estate?

Somewhere a slave lay awake dreading the dawn. Somewhere near a hospital bed, a parent watches to see if their child will see tomorrow. Somewhere right this moment, a child cowers in the corner fearing their father. Somewhere a baby screams out in the night hungry to the point of death, unable to rest for the pain. As you read this very word, someone sits up in the night, staring off into the distance, dealing with the loss of their spouse, child, friend, family member.

And you have it hard? And you have it bad? Because you have to work for a living, to make more in an hour than half the world makes in a week? Oh its just so bad, because you have to settle for house with 2 more bedrooms than you have people living there? Because you can’t fit all of your cars in the garage, you would complain? Because you are tired, you bark at grace? You know not tire. You know not pain. You have not bled to eat.

Go in this moment, or go in your mind from the past, to the bed where your children sleep, and enjoy the sweet sight of delight, for you have been given great rest.

What have you done to deserve such a fulfilling, safe, quiet, choice-filled, healthy, peaceful life.


But for the purposes of God, you too, should face such as those less fortunate.

May we do that, which we have been called by our circumstances to do beyond all else, let us give thanks.

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name. (Heb 13:15)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rejoicing, and still waiting...

The last four days have been quite interesting, to say the least.

Last Wednesday, I found out that my Nikon D60 isn't compatible with auto focus lenses. Not to go into too much technical detail... but the gist of it is, the lenses my camera needed, were going to be twice as much as the regular ones.


I was a little bit shocked, as the earlier models (D50 & D70) had the auto focus built in. Anyhow, I went with Scott's suggestion, and was going to sell my D60 to upgrade to a D90... On Saturday, (after a wonderful afternoon with the seniors, accident free I might add!) we stopped at Future Shop and picked up my new camera. On Sunday, we took photos of my D60 to list it for sale, and when I went to put the memory card in... it wouldn't go in!

I loved that camera, and cared for it like a baby. It had never been so much as bumped the wrong way! Thankfully, it still has over a year of warranty left on it, supposing that I can find the receipt! A couple hundred documents later, still no receipt.

Since then, my computer lost all of it's red colouring (think, everything is green and blue) the TV starting flickering, my laundry room floor was covered in water, my washer broke (as in, CLUNKED and then smoked, and smelt like burnt rubber) I figured that my washer was leaking, my kitchen floor was buckling, found my cupboard under the sink flooded, our R.O. system was leaking, and when Scott picked up the 5kg box of dishwasher soap, the bottom fell out and the soap crystals went everywhere! Five minutes AFTER he was supposed to leave for work, after running my camera out to Mississauga to be fixed this morning. As I sat there cleaning up the soap, I said to Keona, "What is your favourite verse again?"

"Rejoice in the Lord ALWAY: and again I say, Rejoice."

Ah, yes.


"Keona, can you go put on some good music? Lets sing and clean up..."

Definitely not what I felt like doing, But exactly what I needed to do.

An hour of cleaning, and a horrid rash later, we were finished, and Papa was here to fix the R.O. system.

Apparently, he couldn't find anything wrong. He changed the leaking part, but couldn't find any fault with it. Atleast it wasn't leaking anymore! Then, he went to look at the washer for us. Unplugged it, plugged it back in... and it started!


I tried that last night, this morning, and this afternoon... to no avail. So, I asked him if he could turn on my computer, and maybe just touch my TV... ha. It didn't work... :(

But after figuring that it was going to $400 to fix the washer like last time, I'm pretty thankful to be doing laundry tonight!
(NEVER thought that I'd say that!)

By the way, anyone want to buy a Nikon D60?
We've got the reciept and there's still over a year of warranty left! ;)


Oooh, and my new plants... my indoor plants have become an obsession. My neighbour has me as addicted to gardening as she is! Well, not quite. Not enough to be out there at midnight with her, pouring salt on all the slugs that are eating our leaves!

Can't wait to find spots for all my baby plants!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting for the Rainbow

As they say,
"When it rains- it pours."

That is certainly what it has felt like lately. Though, even through everything that has been going on around us, and in our home, we see little glimmers of light, and are reminded of God's love, and His grace toward us.

We saw our neighbour Georgina, who is a 68 year old widow from Romania, trust Christ as her saviour two weeks ago. We've seen her excited about coming out to church with us, and bringing her grandson with her. (one of Keona's friends.) We've seen her in God's word daily, and anxious to get the Bible in Romanian and learn more. She is the wonderful lady, who has helped me garden all year. Who waters my poor, parched soil. She weeds and prunes my over-grown garden... Yet, she has her own struggles, as she watches her son go through a divorce, and her grandsons be pulled back and forth between their parents. She's hurting, and yet she is such a blessing.

It's so easy to forget how blessed we are. How truly minuscule our troubles are, in comparison to others'.

I'm reminded by the simple things that I am so privileged to enjoy each day.

For instance, my children...
They always make me smile.

While cutting the boys' hair tonight...
(they really needed a hair cut!)
Elijah said,
"Mom, once... I touched Dad's shaver and tried to shave my face.
I cut my lip.
I didn't tell you, cause I figured that a bleeding lip, was enough punishment."

How could you not smile?

i heart faces

I mean... feet.

Actually, anyone who knows me, knows that I detest feet. My babies changed that slightly. As in, I love chubby little baby and toddler toes. When I saw my son sitting on the step, moping, with his ripped up jeans (no, he is not making a fashion statement. They are actually worn right out. How boys do this so quickly, I will never understand!) well, I couldn't resist taking a photo of his dirt-covered, little boy toes.

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Me hear 'zem trucks!"

This morning, around 7:45 when I got downstairs with Jed, I opened a window to let some air in. Immediately, he stopped, looked at me, and said, "I hear trucks! We go see them?"

This kid hears everything. Kinda like Prayer smells everything... she will come up from the basement because she smells it when I make anything. A tea...toast...soup...chicken...anything.
She has the nose of a Blood Hound.
I kid you not.
Back to the trucks...
I told him that when I was done doing my makeup, I would take him out. Honestly, figuring it was a delivery truck, and it would be gone by then. (Bad Mommy!) I was mistaken. He could still "hear 'zem trucks!" and was patiently sitting on the front stairs, with his shoes on, ready to go.

The construction workers all looked at me a little strangely, as I sat down on a rock by the sidewalk to watch the trucks... Jed could have stayed out there all day. He was enthralled by the dump trucks, and pavement layers... whatever those kind of trucks are called! I think I need to buy him a truck book. Or maybe, I should buy myself one, and study up, so that I actually know the names of these things.

My Mom had the boys last weekend, and took them airplane watching. So it's not just trucks. He likes any type of big vehicle.
He recently told me, "Mom, when I bigger 'den you. Me's going to buy you a BIG truck!"

I replied, "Aw, that's sweet hun. But mommy doesn't like trucks, you like trucks!"

He thought for a minute and then said, "OK, I buy a big truck, and dribe you in it!"

Such a sweetie!

Why do I love my new lens?

One word...

{ bokeh }


Thursday, July 16, 2009

May as well continue the theme....

Since I have already been talking about our "little princess" this week, I figured, why not top it off with a prime example of why she is so spoiled....
Not to mention- she still isn't walking! My theory is- she whines and one of her sisters pick her up. Therefore, she has no need to walk.
Though, she has mastered climbing the stairs...

Today, was definitely not a groundhog day. First thing this morning, I got to run out and buy my new 50mm/1.8 lens!!! I cannot express how excited I am about this...and how badly I wanted to take it for a test run.

When I got back home, I ran out with a friend to take some pictures for a house that she staged, and her husband is selling (what a duo!) Quite talented she is...

I couldn't quite use my new lens for that...

It's going to take some getting used to this "prime" lens. I'm so dependant on my zoom...

Meanwhile, Scott was back at home, watching our seven kids, the little girl that I babysit, and my friend's three kids.

*What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.... *



Back at home, I am anxiously awaiting the chance to test out my new baby... Unfortunately, my children are no longer very cooperative with my picture taking. Actually, that's an understatement.

Ella, turns her face away whenever she sees the camera.
Keona, goes on with her "Mu-ummm."
The triplets roll their eyes.
Elijah runs.

And Jeddy.... well, Jeddy just does this....

But that's OK! Because my cousin Megan, came over with her baby tonight. :) And, well he doesn't have much of a choice yet...
Love him.


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